Correction for Alpha backer play-test weekend dates

In the 2017 Roadmap I accidentally gave the wrong dates for the free Alpha weekend. They are January 27th through January 30th - not February. I’ll send out an update via Kickstarter and IndieGoGo tomorrow as well as next week to make sure everybody has as much time as possible to see the corrected dates.


I saw that February 30th date and I was slightly suspicious.

Thanks for clarifying.


Could you confirm (or not !) that this alpha playtest is limited to backers ? Because “free alpha” might refer to an open alpha for everybody.


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I’ll clarify the title but yes, it’s only open to Alpha backers.

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Just upgraded my account to Alpha. My question is, do I have access to the test this weekend? Thanks


When you visit this site:

What does it say under “Pledges List”?

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Everything’s looking fine on our end, you should have access this WE.

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Yes, you do. :slight_smile:

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Your current access rights to play Infinity: Battlescape:


Pledges list:

Planetary Supporter

Lunar Supporter

Thanks :slight_smile:

It won’t be POSITIVE until tomorrow at 2pm EST.

I see. Thanks Keith. Can’t wait to play it.

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