Cool ship generator

Check this out:

For all modelers and other spaceship enthousiasts this might be really interesting. This web generator generates random ship designs. Just click ‘Build it’ and a ship will be generated. I got some really interesting (deltan looking) designs out of it.


I could maybe see this helping with the initial concept phase, in order to get some different silhouette ideas. However, I personally wouldn’t use any of the generated shapes as a starting point for a model, many of them lack thoughtful design detail (which is expected from a randomized generator). Still interesting though :slight_smile:

Dude ! thank you … that is great
Now i don’t have to look at the clouds for interesting shapes, thank you.
For that starting phase it is perfect.

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Paint-overs, dude!
I got a very Nostromo-ish one I’m gonna retouch…

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Maybe a new excersice for the monthly art challenges? “Who can paint over a random generated ship best?”

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