Control Bug Or?

Okay, gave it another go today. Tried out the heavier ships for a change. Everything seemed fine and expected until suddenly lost the ability to jump my ship in the direction of the mouse cursor. Had been working fine for ~40 minutes until during a battle this just stopped - kept showing a message about not aligning to velocity vector yet the ship was clearly pointed in the correct direction and was moving in the right direction. But there was no velocity cursor anymore. Weird. Totally gone yet I was moving. And then shortly afterwards died. There was nothing on-screen to show me something had been damaged. And the ship moved as it had been.

IMO a big issue here is the lack of any detail on how things work and what to expect. Those that have been beta testing, etc., “get it” having learned new items as they were introduced. But don’t forget about the new players. Dev’s you really haven’t given us much to go on here to learn. So what looks like a bug may very well indeed be some sort of gameplay thing, and vice-versa…

It sounds like you might have encountered a bug or it was just a part of our death animation. When you die there’s a little sequence that plays out before you actually explode. We understand the learning curve is currently much too steep and we’re sympathetic to your frustration, we’re working to address this problem as quickly as we can.


Thanks for reply. And luckily the bug above only happened once and didn’t reoccur.

For the game info if there’s any basic stuff around please let us know - info such as old notes or commentary. I’ve read what I could here in the forums.