Concerned I-Novae is not going to make EA


I am concerned that development is focused on Graphics and Balance changes when UI development is still needed.

Setting screen is still in the Launcher. Settings needs to be migrated to the game menu. EA should have full joystick/gamepad support.

The Star Map, and Team Stat pages still need work. You cannot select a base or planet in Star Map. Team Stat don’t show any statistics.

UI is not sexy or fun, but is important that the game look professional at EA. Get-her-done I-Novae. EA is only a month and a half away.


We focused on graphics for a month between mid-june to mid-july, because it was needed to produce our Steam trailer video - timing wise there was no other solution. We hadn’t focused on graphics for almost 2 years prior to that.

We’re currently not focusing on balance changes, unless you think spending 3 days on balance tweaks is “focusing on it”. It’s also mixed up with lots of things which aren’t related to balance; for example most of last week was actually spent on Steam authentication ( almost done now ).

As for the rest of your post, yes, everything you listed is indeed planned to be included in the Early access. And in fact much more ( ship upgrades is probably the biggest feature still missing ).


Now there is only a little over 5 weeks left until EA. The development strategy now should be “minimum I need to survive”. Here is some ideas to help:

  • Remove the Carrier from EA. The Carrier cause slowdowns near it. It loses it’s livery. It hard to spawn from an AI Carrier. You cannot land back on it. It needs too much work to make EA. Give it some love post-EA.

  • Keep balance changes to configuration settings. Avoid new gameplay and graphics development. Debug what you have now. Finish UI development.

  • Simulate load on the server. You need to get hundreds of clients to connect to the server.

  • Do Ship Upgrades post EA. Too many potential balance issues.

  • Migrate Beta users to Steam pre EA.

Get her done.


I’m tempted to agree here. There’s no carrier-centred gameplay that would be interesting for players at the moment and I tend to avoid it for that reason. Could maybe keep NPC carriers if they’re smarter.

In my head, UI and missions are absolute priority now.

Alongside this needs to be a robust upgrade system that keeps people coming back to earn that next item, and some sort of reward beyond that too, probably. I’m sure the ideas are lined up, but we are running short on testing time before EA.


The issue I find with that is that players won’t use small ships for offence as they wouldn’t want to spend time and time again travelling to the battle after getting blown up.

Implementing the Sunderer mechanic shouldn’t take too much work: