Concept Art Livestream

Doop doop doop. De doop deep doop.

So this week I’m going to do an art livestream, I did a test one a week or two again and made this:

I’m not sure when to do it. When most people are online I guess? Any preference?

As for what I’m going to draw I can do a few things. I can work off silhouettes, something like these:

I can make them, or the community can make a few and vote on the ony I have to use.

Another method could be the community gathers a few objects that I have to mash up together.

So yeah, we are you guys available and what do you want to see get drawn.

Timelapse of the mentioned livestream is in the works. It just takes a shitload of time to process it :confused:


In terms of satisfying the most time zones with the largest audience, Australia and East Asia usually draw the short straw and we have to be up in the middle of the night so that Europeans can watch in the evening and Americans can watch in the afternoon. But if you’re going to do it on a weekday the best time is probably 11PM GMT (6PM EST).

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Yeah Jan, thats cool. I wonder how long it took for the sneaky one without the timelaps. As for the time, the later afternoon in GMT should cover Asia, Europe and Americas.

Sneaky looks like a Tractor… can you modify those barrels a bit?

rotate that area 90° so that they are on the to and bottom and the bridge on the side or two sides where the barrels are now.

Those are perfect silver cylinders of cookies and love. :blush:

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Three things on my desk: an antique pocket watch, a clothes pin and a small flashlight.


Aren’t those the three most common ingredients in MacGuyver’s improvised explosives? That and a rubberband…

MacGuyver would be a good name for a ship. Especially an SFC ship, since some of them appear to be held together with duct tape, hope and rubberbands :stuck_out_tongue:


Basically Minmatar from eve.


I almost made the exact same reply 5 minutes ago but got distracted.

Well played.

I keep the rubber band in a different part of the house as a safety measure.


What’s your stream link? I’d like to follow it in advance so I don’t forget and miss it. :slight_smile:

Some stuff i created myself :smiley:


too much light burning at same time ! Respect environment dude ! :smiley:

Jeah i created this using the galciv3 designer. Its just for inspiration, i dunno wether the .obj files could be used…

want more? just give me some time to create my own templates, what style you want to have, what format, i could create them with my autodesk tools :smiley:

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Random objects for the art stream? * looks at table * … Hmmm, I guess headphones?

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TBH my first thought was “Star Trek Federation ship”

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Things currently on my desk:

along with mouse pad, keyboard, monitor, pencil box, lead box, cell, empty water bottle (2), portable drive, sticky notes, a mint container, books …

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i dont think he means something like headphones etc. :smiley:

“gathers stuff together ok, here we go…”