"Community" button opening in new window

You could consider it non-issue…but i sort of find it annoying. :no_mouth:

The button “Community” on main website does not redirect current window of a browser, but creates new one.
Even if there was something to read on main site, i don’t see reason for that.
But if you folks like it that way …well then never mind.
You guys have enough work as is i guess. :slight_smile:

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Second this purely because it screws up my pinned tabs when I occasionally get kicked back to the home page after being logged out.

Odd. It opens a new tab for me.

whether its a new tab or new window will be up to your browser settings. It does open a new something though.

They should remove the “target=_blank” altogether. If visitor want to stay on the homepage they can still go back.


Tough crowd.


What can you expect with the standards Infinity’s set?

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I don’t actually care that much … even if it seemed that way back then. :stuck_out_tongue:

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