Chrome ctrl-f "in page search" does not work with Discourse

Like it says on the tin. Bummer :frowning:

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, ctrl + f works fine for me

Note that the local search will only work on the content that discourse has loaded, meaning not on the whole thread at once. For that you have to use the website search.

I’m using Chrome and it will work on first couple of “return” strokes to go to next hit, but either that or about 1 sec later it’s like no results can be found despite one being right in the middle of the page on display.

I guess it’s an isolated bug.

Hail Javascript!

HTML was designed for writing documents by people who are too stupid to realize that a proper GUI and a well documented format is vastly easier and more sensible to implement than all the shitscum that comes with parsing a horrible, textually-encoded standard as HTML is.

The web is far from designed to handle shit (and I do mean shit) like Discourse. It’s like building a racecar (albeit a stupid waste of time and money) with a shoebox.

If you want to make a “website” – as in, something based on W3C standards – then make a website, not a fusion reactor to power your popcorn machine. -_-

Scroll to the bottom of the page by pressing the “scroll to bottom” button. :stuck_out_tongue:

That won’t work because Discourse only always loads the posts you can currently see. If you scroll down manually past all the posts you’ll get them all, but if the topic is short enough that you can easily do that then you don’t need to search.

I don’t know what it was (haven’t taken time to reproduce yet). I was loading the whole page, but also searching for text that was actually displayed right there in the middle of the page. No dice.

I actually noticed this the other day. Since it only loads a fraction of the posts, you can only search the ones that are loaded. I’m also using Chrome but I imagine it’s true with all browsers?

There’s also a search box on the top which will search all of the forums.