Change primary email address

Hello everyone,

I need to change my primary email address but fail to do so. Anyone can tell me how I am able to change it?

Wherever my email is displayed I cannot edit it.

All I found is this “Add Email Address” page. But it doesn’t quite specify if I am then able to make it my primary address (and delete the old one).

Any help is appreciated.



I-Novae have created their own user management system and this appears to be something that simply hasn’t been implemented yet.

Discourse by default allows users to change their email address but, because of the integration with I-Novae’s custom user system, this is disabled here.

Depending on how busy @INovaeKeith is he might change it for you but I can’t promise anything.

The Add Email Address page does not allow you to change your primary email address - it allows you to add secondary addresses. I will be adding a mechanism to change it at some point but at the moment I have to do it myself.


Is there any ETA for this feature?
It is not very urgent but at some point I would like to get rid of my old address.

No ETA I’m afraid, as you mention it isn’t a super high priority item at the moment.