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If you’re having a problem with the website, forums, or any other I-Novae service or product please let us know here.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the old SMF forum accounts haven’t been migrated yet. I can’t log in with my Kichae credentials (and I didn’t want to risk any conflicts with migration by creating a new one, as it would likely have a different email address, hence the new username). Should we be concerned with account conflicts going forward?

My account seems to not be migrated, yet I cannot use my original user name… Reset password function doesn’t work either.

I guess we will let you work out the kinks!

Hey Kichae, I had all my credentials for my old account. I tried logging in with them, but nothing was happening. I put in the wrong password and then it told me that I had an invalid password, which essentially told me it was there.

After screwing around a bit and trying to just make a temporary account (which never happened because it never sent me an activation email for some reason), I finally just made a new account with my old credentials. It told me that I had activated a legacy account and that I needed to respond to an email, which actually arrived this time.

So maybe give that a try…don’t know how much of the old account you need to match for it to recognize that it is a legacy account though.

Of course I don’t know if it actually imported anything

Well, I was afraid of this. I no longer remember the original email I signed up with (and in all likelihood, I no longer have access to it), and it appears that that is required for the legacy account to activate. I just get an error message telling me that the user name already exists.

Excuse me a moment. I have some very bad words to shout very loudly.

See if Keith or someone can help you out first. I think you’ve been around long enough that they might go out on a limb for you :slight_smile:

I also had problems logging in with my old account, so I created a new one.

Same thing here, but I wanted to change my account name anyway ; I had named the old one Bozo for some long-obsolete reason. Though it would have been nice to keep the old infos like the sign up date, but hey c’est la vie.

Tried out thelazyjaguars tip, and it worked! Thanks!

Kichae maybe you can enter the correct username and password, but with a different email?

Can confirm that old name/pass works with a new email, at least for me.

Minor issues:

The browser title has “- I-Noave Studios”
and this same spelling mistake is on Keith’s profile page.

Sounds like somebody’s tired. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some stuff:

  1. If a custom avatar upload fails, please display an informative errormessage. If not, atleast define what specifications of the image you accept.
  2. When i logged in, i got to a blank page. I hade to refresh the page manually. Its seems you have some problems with redirecting people ? ( Firefox 24 )
  3. After a avatar picture was successfully uploaded, there was no indication that it was a success other than not giving me an error. I had to refresh the page to see my image.

First, well done @INovaeKeith fixing the legacy account import.

Well spotted @Indicable.

I experienced the same issues as @theborg:

  1. On login I was sent to which is a blank page.
  2. After uploading an avatar I received no indication that it had finished uploading. I refreshed the page and it was shown.

However, there is a problem with this very thread - Most people here will be new to Discourse so the mistake is totally understandable: This thread is the ‘Category Definition’ for the Support category. It’s kind of a meta thread. The only replies in this thread should be about the very definition of the Support category.

Actual support issues should be posted in a new thread taged with the Support category tag.

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i cant change my avatar. may be browser problem? pop up apears and “upload” button do nothing.

Im having trouble editing the first post of my first topic. Sometimes the changes don’t apply. If I leave the topic and come back, the old version is still there.

edit: Forget about it. The problem is that If you try to write <- and -> without using the “code sample </>” highlight(ctrl+k), everything between those 2 arrows won’t show up for some reason.

A small thing, but could you make a redirection from (the old url) to the new i-novae site?

Hello I supported the project since 2016 I supported the project asteroid supporter and lunar is we are in 2018 I still do not have access please

There’s been delays(mostly netcode related, but those problems have been solved) and Alpha will launch in a month from now.
As you are a beta access supporter you’ll still have to wait, however I think there might be beta-access weekends during alpha like there were alpha access weekends during the dev period.

I fully understand delays suck but trust me it’s worth the wait, even now the game is pretty damn good at the whole combat in space thing.