Can't update Launcher + Game

Hello :slight_smile:
I spontaniously wanted to start IB once again after a while, so on starting the game I got the message that an update for the Launcher was available.

Updating the launcher however did not work and immediately resulted in an error:
“Couldn’t upgrade the I-Novae Launcher. Failed to locate the I-Novae Installer.”
Clicking on OK brings me to the next page where I could upgrade the game…

Clicking on Upgrade downloads the Patch, but then fails to install it.
I attach the log of he game-upgrade.
The Launcher however doesn’t seem to log anything. The “…\Documents\I-Novae Launcher” folder is empty…

Did I accidentially mess sth. up, or delete a folder or exectable or sth. like that?

EDIT: I’m currently running the game on an old Win7 computer… In case this is the problem :wink:

INovaeInstaller_2_log.rar (1.2 KB)

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I’ve reinstalled the laucher, that fixed it and I could upgrade the game as well.
I’ve found the lauchners log file though, “debug.log” in the launchers folder ,and it kept telling me these things multiple times:
"Exiting GPU process due to errors during initialization [0327/] "
"Failed to read DnsConfig. [1015/] "
Just in case this is of any interest to you…

For me the problem is solved.

@Lomsor thanks for the Like, although I’m not sure what I did to deserve it, haha

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Glad you were able to get it sorted out and thank you for providing the logs etc. I’ll have to look into what could have been going on but needless to say the error in your log files is quite unexpected. The error you’re seeing in the launcher log appears to be from the launcher’s embedded Chromium and if it’s still working for you then presumably it isn’t a big deal.