Cannot locat'e infinity battlescape

This is the error message i get when i try to launch the game from a fresh install of the launcher.
Any clues ?
The " upgrade “button don’t show , it is showing " play” instead, so is there a problem with internet check in for versions ?

I’ve been traveling abroad and just saw this now, has this been resolved?

I’ve the same problem launcher said / Cannot locate Infinity: Battlescape. Do you have any ideas?

To add a note here. I have resolved this problem: Steps I took below
1: open file explorer c: (your main drive) search for all files type inov
2: Delete all files you can see linked with inovae
3: download the battlescape installer and log in
Hey presto!

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I don’t suppose you know which files you deleted? I’m trying to figure out what could be causing this problem.

tbh There was so many files at least 48 hidden including picture files on my c:\ although my game was installed on a d:\ . I uninstalled every one I guess I was being a little brutal but it worked.
Mainly the areas these files were are listed below
C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\AppIconCache\100 (D__PROGRAM FILES_I-NOVAE STUDIOS_LAUNCHER_INOVAELAUNCHER_EXE)

All installation files also got deleted.

Sorry I can’t give you any specific file but if it happens again I’ll narrow it down for you and let you know

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I appreciate it!

I have managed to narrow the files down for you. The Two main files you need to delete
1: C:\Program Files\I-Novae Studios\Installer
2: C:\Program Files\INovaeInstallerRegistry