Bugs or Broken Stuff

Okay, not sure if this is related to the 0.6.2 patch but just played for a couple of hours since the update and, yuk, so much seems to have been broken since last weekend. Little things but they add up. In that time today NPC interceptors appeared to have auto-healing armor while other NPC ships would apparently not take damage but then the stats would suddenly drop to probably correct values. The biggest issue was with repeated critical hits TO ME but not to NPCs. I kept getting crit’s against me like they were candy being handed out. It was common to have 2-3 crit hits in a row where I lost everything, and then quickly died.

Honestly, I’m at a point where the game will likely be shelved for 6-12 months as it’s simply not that much fun right now. Early access should be entertaining. Servers are also dead with only 1 server today showing 4% occupied so there’s little to no real PvP action. Just being honest here with my opinion.

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Sounds like network error correction to me. The game shows you what it thinks should happen, and then it gets corrected by the server with the real values.

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Wait what ? What kind of definition do you have for early access ?

Because early access by definition is playing an early build aka alpha or beta build of a game…

Bugs are to be expected and if you are already put off after one patch that maybe broke something , (although I haven’t noticed what you experienced) then yes early access isn’t for you and would advise you to never buy an early access game again.

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@Lorens the definition of early access: incomplete yet stable, enjoyable game. What other definition is there? This EA release was not called “beta access”; IB beta finished before this went to EA. (And no, EA is most definitely not alpha builds in the context of being very unstable and full of placeholders.)

Thanks @Seuche but it’s certainly not a network issue on my side. Shows ~40ms low ping to the west coast server, and my Internet connection is just fine at >500 mbps and other games play just fine. I suspect the 0.6.2 patch introduced issues as the game play was better (but had different issues) last week.

Anyway, honest feedback here for the company. I’m their target customer as a fan of space themed games and had waited until this game had been considered done enough before buying in. Yes, the bugs are not critical and I haven’t said that. But they are making it unenjoyable which is what I am saying. And considering there is so little to do at the moment these bugs do have a bigger impact as they interrupt the narrow gameplay.


EA is definitely a ‘beta’ for every other game on Steam. Here is a different situation as you also point as we also have Kickstarter rewards beta access. But it’s a reward for initial support on Kickstarter and must be considered as ‘beta: phase 1’ and Steam’s EA is ‘beta: phase 2’.

Also, ‘there is little to do at the moment’, just to point you that Inovae is 2 developers and the development roadmap they posted for pre and post-launch has a 1-year estimation of stuff to do.

Just my 2 cents for convincing you to not put the game on a shelf for 12 months, and I think your feedback is really valuable to Inovae.

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@Kubicide incomplete… meaning it has bugs and can be low on content.

The whole concept of early acces is that you can play an early developing build of the game that isnt finished, that includes bugs and incomplete features.

You dont want to deal with that, then just wait till version 1.0 of the game. aka Public Release Version Or you could actualy help the devlopers by reporting Bugs and making suggestions.


@Lorens91 Your post is somewhat condescending. Perhaps you didn’t mean it to be or perhaps you did. But whatever. I’ve posted feedback here for the devs like your post implies lol.

But again, no, IB exited beta and entered early access. There is a difference. The game is not in beta. If it is then it should not be listed on Steam as EA.

Early Access is just a different form of beta , it’s still not a finished product.

Perhaps I’m just baffled by you not understanding what early access is.

Your post came across as a complaint that there were bugs.

But again my advise, if you want a finished product then you should probably refund the game and get it again when it’s a version 1.0

Wait what? No, EA is not “a different form of beta” whatever that means! I think you are simply confused so perhaps this will help and note this is also from Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/364040166686353959/

Anyway, time to end this thread-drift.

From your link, the first reply: “It’s not an alpha or beta, but will likely include both along its development.”

Also, you are citing a public discussion when there is an official Steam Early Access faq that says that it’s a game that is still in development, can have bugs and developers are listening to community feedback: ergo a beta.

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sorry but you are wrong. anything before 1.0 means expect bugs and expect to help fix them.

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I am not the one that is confused.

At this time I feel like you are borderline trolling.

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@Shebuka unfortunately, no, bugs does not mean it is a beta. Many released products have bugs, no? So, ergo, bugs does not somehow classify the software as a beta.

@sumdumfu there will always be bugs in software even after 1.0. That wasn’t the issue or thread topic. The thread drifted away from a discussion of this early access release (not beta release) having bugs which was met with a reply from someone else which said “EA = beta” which it does not.

@Lorens91 no, not trolling. You’re set on you opinion that somehow “EA = beta” and that’s about it I guess. (And you know all too well that many dev’s put games out on EA not as beta but as unfinished, under-delivered games. Don’t forget this game IB was in ‘beta’ for quite awhile but that beta finished up before it went to EA). The conversation drifted quickly with your first reply. I made this post originally to give the devs feedback on bugs but then you drifted us off on a EA = beta slide which was OT.

Anyway, devs have the feedback. No need for replies. Unless someone wants to comment on the bugs themselves - the topic of the post lol!

Honestly your post would have been fine without the , " I won’t play this EA game because it has bugs" remark.

Again the steam page about what EA is litteraly says “help test and report bugs” , if you don’t like that part of it then maybe EA isn’t for you because it is part of the deal.


What is Early Access?

Steam Early Access enables you to sell your game on Steam while it is still being developed, and provide context to customers that a product should be considered “unfinished.” Early Access is a place for games that are in a playable alpha or beta state, are worth the current value of the playable build, and that you plan to continue to develop for release.

Releasing a game in Early Access helps set context for prospective customers and provides them with information about your plans and goals before a “final” release.

Don’t know why you are still defending your position because it ain’t a good look :wink:

Anyway have fun testing bugs and playing this amazing game, or not and then I will see you at Version 1.0, cheers.

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You are wrong on your definition of EA and I’ve not said bugs = beta; in-development + bugs + tweaks from user feedback + late stage in development process = beta. There is nothing else between beta and gold stage.

Hide this as I've mixed things up, shame on me...

You are wrong that game had extensive beta period, it has an extensive alpha period. As a beta tier backer we got only two weekends of ‘limited beta’ to test the game, the ‘full beta’ was supposed and has begun with the game pushed to EA. But it’s not limited to Steam’s EA, I can play the game as I’ve done in the two weekends before the EA using the Inovae launcher.

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@Lorens91 Note you’re changing the context of what was and is posted I assume to somehow support your beta discussion(?). The OP does not say “I won’t play EA because of bugs”. The post says “I won’t play because it’s not fun”. Pretty different statement.

Anyway, cheers.

@Shebuka May want to check your facts. Beta lasted much longer than the implied “two weekends”. It’s was underway for almost a full year starting in, what, Oct 12th-18th 2018 or was it even earlier? And beta testing carried on right through to the start of Sept 2019.

IB beta wrapped up, it’s over, and the game moved to early access. That’s a simple fact that is really hard to dispute. Note the dev’s themselves do not even use the word “beta” or “testing” when describing the EA release, not once.

But more importantly, you’ve never replied to the topic of this thread: did you experience any of the bugs or issues?

So “not having fun” doesn’t have anything to do with the bugs ?

They sounded related in your post

Beta started in February this year, but there was some limited beta week-ends during the end of alpha, just like there was a few asteroid week-ends right before the Early access launch.

I don’t think anybody is right or wrong to call the Early access part of the beta. There’s no standard that I’m aware of, and different companies treat beta vs EA in different ways. Some games jump from beta to final release, others from beta to Early access as we do. In any case, anything before the 1.0 release is a work in progress and players should expect bugs, lack of features and balance issues, whether it’s a beta or an Early access. If the game didn’t have bugs, issues and lack of content, it wouldn’t be in Early access, it would be a full release.