Better HUD visibility

A lot of times I seem to completely lose track of the UI elements due to the background, as shown here with the crosshair barely being visible:


This is obviously a problem as it can detract from getting a clear targeting solution during combat in various situations.

The best way I can think of is to increase HUD luminance + add a slight dark filter effect, similarly with how it is done in jet fighters.
Technically, you could have it like so:

  1. BOTTOM LAYER - the rendered scene
  2. MID LAYER - a black overlay with high transparency
  3. TOP LAYER - the HUD, with a higher luminance than what is now

Here’s a mock-up of that:


Other options:

  • increasing opacity and adding an outline to all elements could also work but it won’t be guaranteed + it might not look very nice
  • an invert option on the text (similar to filter: invert(1) in CSS)

make it bright green wie a little bit of glow :smiley:


If you’re on the green team, ofc :slight_smile: