Beta ETA? Surprisingly hard to find

I’m a Kickstarter Lunar Supporter which gives me Beta access, so sadly, I’m not able to participate in this weekend’s Alpha play-test. But then, when can we expect beta, more or less?

The pledge upgrade page (which, by the way, lets me “upgrade” to Lunar Supporter for $10) gives Lunar Supporter an ETA of 9/30/2017, which translated to a more sensible format is 30/09/2017 - over a month ago. Great! I must have missed it, where is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I’m a patient guy and can wait for a good game, but still wondering more or less when you plan to release for backers at the beta level.

You should add this info to the aforementioned upgrade page, as well as the access check page because being completely in the dark is no fun…

If you don’t have a good ETA you can at least say something more useful than NEGATIVE - for example, for me it might say “Your pledge gives you Beta access, the current access level is Alpha/Developer”. Just a small touch because I couldn’t quite remember at first what level “Lunar Supporter” was.


We’re shooting for releasing Alpha sometime in the first half of 2018 and Beta sometime in the second half. We do need to update our web pages, thanks for the heads up!