Beta ETA after - 3 month delay?

I’m new here but pledged back in 2015 on kickstarter and wanted to check back in. Obviously with ME Andromeda around the corner I wanted to see where you guys were with beta access.

Appreciate that any answer can slip and that I saw your recent live stream mentioned a 3 month slip (this doesn’t bother me as these things happen in development).

You might want to have a read through this thread Keith put together a little over a week ago (Probably missed it if you’re new here), hope it helps you out:


will there be trackir or VR support?

We aren’t promising it at the moment but if the game does well enough at retail we’ll look into patching in support after the game is released.

it will! space games community is well aware of infinity B. and reactions on prototype are good.
i hope Battlescape will succeed and keep evolving long after it’s release, cheers!


Hmm Thanks for the link but it only refers to Alpha being available over the weekend just gone, and that beta will be available before Early Access on Steam.

Perhaps you guys should be doing some sort of Schedule report like CIG do for Star Citizen ( and on the premise that they are not set in stone.

and who hijacked my post for VR query! :slight_smile:

I have a vive and this would be ok but I must confess I used it on Elite dangerous and it is cool for a while but then you start to feel sick when playing with it for more than an hour (no idea why). And I play games like onward and the new locomotion patched Arizona sunshine with no problems - which most people get motion sickness from.

The track IR is much better for these flight games if you want to play for long periods.

aye @dangerous_dan !
i stoled your VR query:grimacing: sorry!
i have trackir and it’s great, now i’m aiming for VR and yes for Elite Dangerous so is it worth buying VR and is it bigger immersion than with trackir, i mean depth of field and size perception?

There are already weekly updates (Link to the latest one).

Just my personal opinion but giving any eta is kind of nonsensical, as it serves no practical purpose. It only makes people hyped for an arbitrary date, they get lazy and don’t really follow the devlog, just to realize on the day of the eta, that they got hyped for nothing. They get pissed, lash out at the dev for having the audacity of not adhering to that arbitrary date, then get hyped again for the next eta. Rinse and repeat. The weekly updates they are currently doing are (imho) better than putting out an arbitrary date, because you get a consistent flow of information from the developer about their progress (or, if it so happens, the lack of progress in a week due to unforseen circumstances).


I disagree with you, @dekaku .

ETA does, after all, stand for “estimated time of arrival”. It doesn’t have to be a fixed date, it can be said “beta should come somewhere at the end of 2017”.

Also, all this hard work does have to end someday, otherwise you’d end up like “DayZ”: a never ending story.

We already have rough estimations that give us some view of how the dev see their work. That’s quite enough for me now, since the “real” alpha is not yet out anyway.

Yeah VR is good on ED. I own an ASP Explorer and it truly does feel massive in the cockpit. All the HUD floats in front of you like a holographic display would (everything has depth). You will feel fully immersed and the game will trick you into believe you are in the ship and flying around planets is simply jaw dropping.

When I was demoing VR to my friends, I would have them stand up and walk behind the seat and walk around the cockpit - which in an ASP explorer is quite big and fooled them everytime :slight_smile:

I had to tinker with the VR settings though initially because the VR version is less picture detail to get the refresh rate up high enough that the picture doesn’t stutter.

But like I said above, I prefer track IR for longer sittings, as anything more than an hour makes me a little sick. I think it was something to do with taking off from a planet my brain was preparing for gforce but there wasn’t any.

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@dekaku I too disagree with you on your opinion (sorry) :slight_smile:

Not all of us have time to check weekly updates, and so what I suggested will help everyone’s expectations. Since CIG released their version of this, there has been nothing but positive feedback. Like I said above, anything put on it are aims and hopes and everything can be pushed back or brought forward the further they progress…

It would also help me to drop in from time to time to see the status of the game without reading several weekly updates and in fact save time making these weekly updates.

No need to apologize for your opinion.

The good thing about weekly updates is, that you don’t have to check them every week. Since they are all named similarly (weekly update #) you can easily read up whenever you have time. by doing a quick forum search. Reading through a months worth of updates takes around 5 minutes on average for me. Dunno how long it takes you, but I find 5 minutes to be bearable.

I prefer no ETA, mainly because in my personal experience, it was the “better experience” to have a game just released in a short window of time from announcing (aka announcing the eta when the game is done), than having an ETA from months/years ago, just to then get disappointed.

Then again, I am also used waiting years for games that I care about to even get a confirmation for a sequel or not, so I am used to enjoy information when it is made available without the expectation of it getting available at a future point in time (which giving an ETA is).

On a sidenote, judging by our local sc thread, I find it highly unlikely, that there is nothing but positive feedback on CIGs updates. I think It is probably a case of selective perception, where all critical voices (no matter how small their critic is) are ignored/devalued/defamed by the user fanbase to give the illusion of unanimous positivity by the ‘real’ userbase (and to justify the usage of devaluing wording to describe those critical voices). But I digress, this topic is about ETA’s.

@Tjafaas btw Dayz had multiple ETA’s going on, from the first hinted by Dean Hall himself to be around the end of 2012 (the early access version then took until december 2013 to be released… oopsiedaisy) to another one by Bohemia Interactive with a scheduled release of the beta of the game in Q4 2015 … According to steam, the game is still in alpha.