Beta access... (est. April, 2017) so; any news about the *Beta status?

Hello to all. I’m following the game development, reading the email’s weekly updates… current one is the #72. I backed the game last year; (Lunar Supporter + Beta).

I know is going well but; when can we, beta supporters, “test dive” the game?
We’re on the end of July and no news about beta access…

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News about the Beta has been somewhat limited because we’re still focused on releasing the Alpha. We’re absolutely planning on letting Beta supporters test drive the game prior to the release of the Beta however we haven’t determined exactly when just yet. After we release the next patch our focus will shift toward finishing the gameplay requirements for the Alpha release. This primarily centers around the following:

  • Implementing capital ships
  • Implementing all of the various weapon systems
  • Implementing radar
  • Implementing the economic system
  • Implementing the UI
  • Implementing spawn points for land bases and stations
  • Implementing the damage module for land bases, factories, and stations

For the release of the Alpha the implementation of these systems will be quick and dirty. There will be little to no balancing and our focus will be primarily just get it in the game. It is during this process that we should begin developing more clarity into when we’ll begin providing temporary access for Beta players. If the delays for the Alpha release stretch out long enough it’s possible we could make the game available to Beta backers prior to its release though such extended delays are obviously something we’re working hard to avoid. I hope this helps answer your question?


Hello. Thank you for taking the time and get me updated, on the current status, of the game. Great news for beta supporters! Star Citizen is a “never ending story”, Elite Dangerous (Thargoids Arrival) needs always on, internet. Infinity Battlescape offline mode will be great, for some “no internet” ZEN moments.



Seeing as I’ve been watching the development of this engine, an MMO spaceshooter, then the engine again and then this solar battle simulator for the last 10 years or more, I’m just happy that real progress is being made.

Take your time, get it all right and release the game I’ve been hoping for over the last ten years or so. That’s the most important thing in my mind. You’re all doing great work and it’s looking really good.