Beautiful space art collection

Hi there,

I don’t know if there is a thread already here. I’m following the guys from gtgraphics for a long time now. gtgraphics is a german graphics duo which creates outstanding space wallpapers and images. It reminds me very often to I:B and AQFE. Check it out here ->

In my opinion a space wallpaper must transport the feeling of huuuge scale. They use often little people and references to show the obvious difference in size/scale.

Especially this picture is very beautiful:

Just imagine you could see such volcano eruption in I:B.

What is your favorite space art and why?


I really love the space art these folks make:


I’ve been following this guy:

He’s ok. Not as good as some of the others on the site but he’s steadily progressing :wink:

Check out his gallery here:

Download freely and enjoy!


Well, if we’re going to be posting our own work:


Whoah! Nice work, captain.

This guy has good art: