Beat the drum for stretch goals!

Come on people, do not forget to beat the drums for stretch goals over the minimum funding celebration! Every $ during the Kickstarter is a $ less that we need to reach through post-Kickstarter funding to move towards some nice stretch goals!

38 hours left in the hottest phase of the Kickstarter, make some noise! There will be no better moment to get some extra cash into INovae’s pockets for quite a while! Everyone did a great job so far, just keep it up a tiny bit longer!


:drhourglass: :drhourglass:

they have a guitar, piano, sax, and a trumpet picture but no drums? This will have to do…

And it doesn’t even work!!

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Errrr, fingers still crossed for the 800k goal…Must change lasers to nyan cats…

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hmm actually they have to give percentage of the gained funds to KS owners.
If they raise more on their web later it would be all for them… BUT DON’T CANCEL YOUR PLEDGE !!!

Yeah, cancelling would be bad. Besides, it’s always super cool to say I pledged way back in the day from Kickstarter!