Battlescape Player Videos

Not in a position to watch it now, but does she acknowledge that it’s pre-alpha?


She says early alpha build a few times as far as I can recall, but did a very good overall job of explaining the developement etc… Really good stream.


Since I was kinda the guide there in the end I do not think warp is so counterintuitive, what the game lacks is a simple tutorial/pilot school.

When we explained to her how to actually get into warp(and that enter speed = exit speed and you can adjust speed in warp easily) she was then flying perfectly well in formation with me and was going places. There’s just that initial wall that you have due to lack of proper info.

UI is very rough right now so it doesn’t help much either.


I feel that the warp is not really intuitive, especially if looking at it from a more casual and easy-going side. The more I think of it, the more it seems that there really is no reason for warp to not be automatic once certain velocity is reached. I mean there will be a minimum warp entry threshold and there is already a exit threshold (you exit at min velocity, be it your warp velocity or entrance velocity) and since warp is not in different space to ‘normal’ space, there is nothing holding the game back from automatically entering and exiting warp.

The warp button just seems like an unnecessary hindrance from a more approachable gameplay perspective and since warp is just an acceleration multiplier and exists in the same space, it looks logical for it to be automatic.

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I think that entering and especially exiting warp with sudden stop is a cool gameplay element. Just flying full speed to your target an dropping out to a stop is just so damn cool. I already used it numerous times to my advantadge. Almost appearing instantly in front of an enemy or dropping out just as you reach a station or base is super cool.
I can live with automatically entering warp but please let us be able to drop out to a stop like in the kickstarter trailer. :heart_eyes:

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Totally agree, it does look and feel very cool.

You and Tars have an awesome shot in your first “New Patch” video where you drop into a battle at the circular station, just love that.

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Did a final stream before the weekend was over.

Fighting with a cruiser, then corvette and after that a tour of the solar system and it’s many pretty places.

Music is Babylon 5 Into the Fire OST(unreleased game)


Went on some huntin …

(Short 30 min session)

Using Interceptor to blow up corvette in two flibies.

Some nice short range warping arround.

Arcadia station makes a great Decend Level. Check out the amazing lighting in one of the long tunnels somewhere in the 3/4 in the video (19:30). :open_mouth:


I didn’t have time or will to make a gameplay video.
What i noticed is beside trailer majority of vids are too long and focus is on combat.
For example if i go watch gameplay i make jumps on those 2 hour vids with result of skipping many stunning parts of the game, at the end i watch 20secosnd of that video.
Also what i noticed and i fell under that group of players is we all want landable planets in space games, those planets which gives variety with it’s atmosphere and surface.
Proof: Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen!
To be specific i think good “word spread” would be making short vids of ship re-enty atmosphere on those planets we have in IBS.
I think ppl would go crazy seeing atmo entry and leaving planets vids.
This was my first alpha weekend and what i did all the time was exploring planets and re-entering atmospheres over and over, couldn’t get enough of it.
I disabled HUD using first person view looking around while leaving planet and atmosphere.
But majority of time it was (disabled hud) with external camera zooming in and out around the ship while entering/leaving atmosphere while ship is shaking and hull screaming , those are epic movie scenes and it should be shared on other popular game forums.
Make it short and sweet, shorter than this post ;p!

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That might have been your experience but once I got how combat works in the game I actually spent most of my time fighting.
Only in the end I did a little system tour to wrap it up.
Going around places is cool and all but it essentially is walking simulator material and will not appeal to people who seek gameplay.


Well you are combat oriented in games and that is your taste, there are simmers who like all stages of flight and in all conditions, that is my taste and that’s not discussable.
I did fight too, it is great but i suggested something that there is not million vids about it.
There are million spaceship shooting games and vids about it so why not show something that no other game have?
Not all ppl are your type of players, go see ED and how many ppl want atmo planets instead another pew pew feature!
Vids can be fragmemted representing every feature game contains.

Also “gameplay” is not just shooting at one another, it is interacting with ingame inviroment and surpassing different challenges.

So it’s a bit long. It’s in 2 parts. maybe i should split it in 2?
First part is exploration, second part is war.
I didn’t get everything in that I wanted, maybe by the weekend.

Music: Heaven - Colossal Trailer Music and
This Ends Now- Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes


You are gifted!
This could be a good trailer!


Smiled the whole way through.


Great job as usual. Not sure how you record at such high quality ( can’t see any compression artifact, almost lossless ) and framerate, but the result looks pretty amazing. No need to split the video IMO. And I like how the music is also split into 2 parts that adapt to the theme :slight_smile:


Vimeo version’s been updated with stuff I was hoping to get in the first time.

New Youtube version over here:

and on Twitch:

Music: Heaven - Colossal Trailer Music and
This Ends Now- Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes

I hate that one can’t replace a video on youtube, like on vimeo.

Thanks @Playbenni for the drop out of warp shot idea!


For some reason, the second soundtrack made me think about the (superb) soundtrack of the (superb) film The Thin Red Line, until near the end. Great choice.

Also, great job at capturing the fights with those epic shots!


An AMAZING video! :star_struck: You never disappoint.