Battlescape content discussion

just want to see what knowledge is out there about battlescape. whats in it and what people might want in it. im a little behind on whats all going on. wanted to read old forums to get caught up but… hey they aren’t there!! lol.

any heads up as to what Battlescape is ? been following IQE for a few years - was surprised to see this new content - i knew they were forming a new company et al and knew about the possible new direction for the game in light of CrowdFunding etc - but wanted to check:

  1. Whats the latest dope on CrowdFunding for the game?
  2. Resources pointing to what I:QE > Battlescape transition is all about?
  1. We’re trying to launch the Kickstarter as soon as we can however we don’t want to rush it and compromise its quality as we believe we’ll only have one chance.

  2. We’re still in the process of rebuilding our website. Once things get polished up a bit more we’ll be releasing more information and content regarding Battlescape. To give you a quick overview it will be a space combat game set in the Infinity universe that takes place across a single solar system. Our core gameplay is recreating the large, dramatic space battles seen in Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Serenity, etc where there are many ships flying around and all hell is breaking loose. If we raise enough money with the Kickstarter we would like to introduce more tactical elements allowing players to interact with the planets in great detail and introduce additional support roles so that it isn’t a pure combat game.

We still want to build Infinity the MMO and we hope that Battlescape will be a stepping stone toward getting us there.


More then on the other thread, thanks. I won’t bother asking questions as its ether don’t know, can’t say or it doesn’t translate into any known human languages.

Grappling hooks confirmed!
Sorry, couldn’t resist. Though if you somehow manage to make them or tractor beams fun and balanced, it may actually give you something (else yet) more than your competition.

Can’t wait to see what combat will actually look like, though. One thing that departed the old ICP from other part- or full-newtonian shooters was that both ships and projectiles were faster, and thus effectively longer-ranged, giving it a better pace and feeling.

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I want a button that makes me say “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I urk


I’m now curious as to how many players you are planning to have playing simultaneously in Battlescape, if you’re willing to answer that at this time?

We’re shooting for 100-200 on a single server. How powerful that server has to be is TBD :wink:


Awesome! :smile:

Why do I have this sort of mindset?

Ooo! Ohaw! I know some stuff about routing packets to hundreds of clients. Let me make the game!

lol. I am always so anxious.