BackerReward : SpaceWhale Cockpit Bobblehead

I recently completed the paintjob on our SpaceWhale bobblehead. The colour variants are simply a hue shift applied to the diffuse / albedo values, and a value / colour gradient on the emmissive mask / texture. So that level of customization may be available at some point in game.

What colour scheme do you like most?

The SpaceWhale “Whale” version of the bobblehead (tophat monocle :wink: ) is also being considered as the default bobble for backers.


Lol very nice. Awesome model and paintjob. :+1:

This one looks the coolest IMO. Pretty alien but still whaley.


Yep, orange or purple are good for the alien look.

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Orange or purple too. I also prefer my whales naked.
Why is it the purple has more diffuse reflection on the back?

I like the blue one, but the purple one is nice too

Love it! The blue one stands out to me :blush:

It was later in the afternoon when I took that screenshot, sun was going down :wink:

I think I’d rotated the sky actually, no reason, didn’t notice it at the time :smiley:

I like the blue.

I like all of them. They look really nice and scy fyiyii. He, nice work.
The blue one catched my eye first but I agree that the other two look more alien, which I prefer.

The tophat one is fun, as a different version though, I think. Some texture on the tophat would be appreciated . It takes the alien nature away a bit, makes it more fun . Really depends on what kind of “pilot” will sit in the craft and what he/she would prefer.


Nice job @INovaeHutchings

My favourite is the gold/brown. But I’d love the baleen/mouth to be distinct from the skin.


I like the orange or the purple. It should definitely not look like an actual whale.

Oh and there should definitely be a version with a bowl of petunias.


Good lord man! It’s a critical detail that belongs attached somewhere on the base!


Then we can look down at the surface of Sarake and think, “I wonder if it’ll be friends with me?”

Or, “Oh no, not again…”


Looks nice and just wanted to say that I am glad that the pledges to backers are finally getting fulfilled. Otherwise I thought I-Novae was just waiting for complaints before fulfilling them.

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I think I said on the FB page, but I like the one with the top hat and monocle! Just needs a walking cane to be complete :stuck_out_tongue: I feel, as my name in game is PhilbeRT! that one would suit me :laughing:

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