Backed Infinity in October 2015 and literally never played it (until today)

No real point to this topic other than some positive feedback.

I backed the game on Kickstarter way back when and promptly forgot about it completely.
Today I played it for all of fifteen minutes and I gotta say i’m pretty happy with how the project seems to be shaping up. I would happily back it again.

For context, I was a day one backer of Star Citizen and I got that shit refunded.

I’m looking forward to where I-Novae takes Infinity. In the meantime, i’ll see y’all again in another 5 years.
Keep up the awesome work!


Ah hem, thanks, but I certainly do hope that in 5 years the game will be complete :wink:


Definitely! Keep up the goodwork! Beyond just completing the original goals, I hope you manage to turn a consistent and respectable profit so that you can continue in all of your endeavours!


I did the same thing, lol It was when both, I-Novae and Star Citizen way back in 2015, was first talking about fully explorable planets!
that got me hooked.

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