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“I guess the squirrel in this case was healthy, else it would not have been adopted, so you can call this incident a scary but harmless squirrel prank i guess… :smiley:
Wargrim2d (I don’t know why this wasn’t put in quotes whin I coppyed it?)

I don’t think the BBC would have put it in a comical light if the squirrel had had rabies…


Patrick Stewart Gets Emotional Announcing Return To Captain Picard Role - 8-4-18


J. Michael Straczynski

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Aug 17
For #babylon5 's finale, Sleeping in Light, we shot a post-credits scene where I’m wheeled into medlab, unconscious but still clutching my keyboard, after writing 92 out of 110 episodes. I later cut it as too self-indulgent. Here’s the one shot I have from that scene.


its getting better and better:


They had way too much fun doing that! Still, it’s some impressive robotics with such natural movement!



There’s this gem of a series …

It just lately came to an end. I really enjoyed it.

This is no ordinary “let’s play” … no. I really thoroughly enjoyed this mix of absurdity, fun and crude animation.


This is actually really cool, thanks for posting! :smiley:

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Chickens ‘gang up’ to kill intruder fox on French farm

Yep, that happened.

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If you like cyberpunk sub genera of sci. fi. then i recommend Altered Carbon
Detective plot from world where humanity settled other star systems and discovered remnant technology of long dead civilization. This tech allows storing consciousness to a small device implanted in spine. As long as the device stays intact, user is technically immortal… if he can afford another “sleeve” (body) that is.


The books are also pretty cool (read them in german, throu).


Binge watched that whole series end of last year, it’s decent, but when it wraps up the story in the finale it comes across as really weak. Don’t wanna drop spoilers, but I doubt such petty motives would be driving immortal criminal masterminds.


Oh didn’t knew it is based on novel.
It will be a candidate for reading while i wait for Tiamat’s Wrath. :slight_smile:

Binged it as well :rofl:
I went into it with knowledge of it being a detective story. That i got.
Plus it kinda reminded me one of my first cyberpunk books and scifi books in general (When gravity fails). Guess i am biased a bit. :slight_smile:
So i liked it.
And hey plot is solved. Next season is another story thread. I like this idea of each season having different plot.
Bit like “doctor who” but more serious. “Who” is just way too silly for my taste.


Its getting scarier:


In awe all the way trough I was.