AWESOME IDEA - Create your own ships!


FINALLY you have made it! :smiley: congrats! (watching your livestream)

i will let everyone know about this project i know :smiley:

ok now to my idea:

im playing actually another game, a round based strategy game, where you can design your own ships.

you have just some predefined modules (cockpits, exhausts, wings, and other ship hull parts)

and with theese you put them togeter at predefined points.

you can enlarge, rotate, and move them to fit together.

let me show some photos:

can only post 1 buy i think you can imagine this…

i WILL pledge :smiley:

While a galciv style ship designer would be cool it would create huge gameplay balance issues.

If the game gets modding support then you could make your own ships.

Otherwise I think I’d rather have a balanced game, and not get attacked by ships that look like penises.


well you could assign a mass to the size of every part and its size and so on and limit the designer a bit, maybe limit the resizement, and that a ship should have some predefined parts like cockpit etc…

i think this way it would be possible.

the good thing is that the community would design ships and maybe later stations etc. this would pull back a great effort from your shoulders, to design every ship etc. in the game…

there is a huge library of community based ships for galciv.

one team would hardly effort to create.

maybe just make a reach in for approval for the game until it is done…

you just had to approve or decline new models…

modular ships, change modules / upgrade them, keeps things balanced
those are my 2 cents

There will be a certain amount of modular customisation in terms of equipment, as outlined in the kickstarter.

Players will have some choice. How much likely (as always) depends on funding.

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Well, with this kind of system, the most effective ships would be promoted. If it happens to be a penis, then it just is.

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this is more space engineers/kerbal style of play, which I don’t think that Infin is aiming for. a large part of those games becomes purely about the building and creativity, whereas Infin is about the beautiful scenery, battling, exploration and so on.

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well i dont think that keith would approve “penis” like ships. i think this should only affect the appearance of the ship.

besides that you could implement ship modules like a bigger tank etc. what it seems to be intended to be applied in the game anyways.

i think, if the hit box wouldn’t be affected and be predefined, no one would make “penis” ships.

even in the E:D community, where you can create your own skin, there are very many beautiful skins.

if you can design “your own” ship, this would be a immense plus for buying this game. no one else has this so far.

and i think there are many that don’t like the appearance of keith’s starter ship and therefore may not buy this game imho.

or make it like this:

a corp has the ability to create ship designs which are reached in for approval. if someone wants to see the ship designs, he has to download the ship package from the coorp. else he would see default ship designs.

what about this?

ps.: can you move this thread to the suggestions forum?

i think there it can be found better.