Awesome game engines thread

In this thread you can show the community exciting new technologies you found on the web. I-Novae engine is awesome, but there are other engines and tools which are also nice to get inspiration from. I make a start now…

UNIGINE: real-time 3D engine

This engine is astonishing on performance and quality, developed in Russia. It has its origin from the Frustum open source project.



This post sounds like shameless self promotion to me. They chose not to mention any other game engine.

Inovae Engine

This thread should be deleted.

I have a thread open for Indie Planet Generation, will put this there, this does seem a bit biased.

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What? I don’t want to promote anything. Please re-read carefully what I wrote in the description. The initial goal of this thread was to have a “collection” of trending game engines. Just post an engine. This is not about promoting anything. But I agree with you, since @cybercritic mentioned the wonderful Planet Generation thread (which I apparently missed somehow, sorry for that) this very thread here should get deleted.

Thanks in advance.


Will you be able to land on the planet in the first video and find detail like in the second? If so then :open_mouth:

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