Atmosphere on Industry planets

Yesterday, i watched a reportage about why the clima temperature goes up and what can be done against it.

They said, that the sulfid from vulcanic outbreaks thrown in the hemisphere would cool down the planet temperature by 1 degree celsius for some years.

Well the gasses from a industry world like us will heat it up more and more over years.

Well they said if the governments would allow it they could cool it down. easily, but we would have do it for ever.

So an athmosphere of a industryplanet would look yellow over time. Noot blue.

Now I’m going to be reading everything you post with a lisp thanks to that typo. I hope you’re happy! :frowning:

On a serious note, you’re talking about a million years+ of pollutants to change the makeup of an entire planet’s atmosphere THAT much, at least with today’s output.

Depends on the future industry output and the planet age… well yes…

Think of smog over the whole planet… in china it is going to happen today.

A quadrillion tons is a lot. No joke.

1,000,000,000,000,000 tons.

Well at least on volcanic planets there should be dust in the athmosphere, and on industry planets over the most populated areas…

if the planet temperature goes because of industry viery high, there should be much more injected into the athmosphere every day…

Well it would be injected in the upper athmosphere so the light would be dimmed yellow, not the whole air would be polluted, no one could breath…

How about an atmosphere less planet and we have to make it habitable by generating atmosphere on it through the use of advanced structures that release required chemicals, the more structures we add to the planet the more quickly atmospheric changes begin to happen, could be a great gameplay mechanic.

Well it should look like that (think of the huge athmosphere generators in aliens) the air would condense nearby the generators… large clouds would shallow them…

One of the concept art reference that fit well with such structures is this one.

and they would generate plumes of clouds into the air. Technically it is not that hard to show such an effect, you just need to throw particle systems to display clouds and gradually increase the radius of the planets atmosphere. May be i’ll try to prototype it sometime.

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