Atmosphere and clouds

A: Is there a plan to extend the atmosphere volume around some of the planets?
And have some entry effects like those on star citizen.
B: Will we get some cloud effect like those we have on the gas giant, so that we can have dogfights between them or something?

Hello Kreion

The atmospheres extend in a realistic fashion. Quite a while ago the pressures of all planets have been reduced to make entering and exiting them easier and less time consuming, still, the falloff of pressure from planets surface to space is realistic.
There is an indicator showing you “maximum safe atmospheric speed” on your speedbar, it is a yellow line. As you enter the atmosphere you can see it lowering.
Reentry events have been talked about in the past, it seems though that there wasn’t any time for them yet. A “second effects pass” was mentioned that was said to happen some when before the game leaves early access.

:cloud: Cloud :cry: effects are already in the game. Some planets have them, keep an eye on them. Especially anesthesia have sand storm like clouds that even move.
What you point at is some more substential clouds … like earth like ones.
On Sarake that is a terestrial world, somewhat simmilar to earth, there are thin clouds you can sometimes see when you pass trough the atmosphere.
Due to the technical challange of making thick substential clouds look equally good from all distances I, personally, don’t think we will see those in Infinity: Battlescape until it leaves early access. Clouds and atmoshperic effects also were stretchgoals that sadly were not reached during the kickstarter.
I am glad we have some kind of clouds in the game … but sure it would be pretty cool to have lush thick clouds to zip in and out of.


This is an interesting point now, as Flavien’s road map points to an ocean world being introduced in the medium term. I can’t see one existing without clouds of some sort. But does that also mean Sarake might see the return of water? It would really improve the look of it.


I really would suggest keeping all current moons the way they are and creating new ones.
If some change has also an impact on the existing moons/planets then so be it.

But one can add a lot more variety by adding new planets with features instead off editing the old ones.
So Sarake does not have oceans. Good, and interesting. Aresthia is a cratered weird planet. Good and interesting.
On top of that, the Installation positions are hand picked as faar as I know. I guess some of them would stop being … well … rather they start being underwater megastructures…

They don’t need to become Earth and Mars.

Looking forward to the Ocean world though …
How about a world with just oceans? … Or with only like a minuscule landmasses/islands?

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Problem is with how complex clouds are and how much would be required because they are visible from space …

But … we have the Gas giant with its homogenous clouds …

One idea … us the tech but … have a surface? Venus like word? :open_mouth:

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Yeah, the gas giant’s clouds are fine, just use that and make it white.
Nothing fancy.

I really wouldn’t care if there was some cheating with clouds for now. Generate a 2D cloud layer (or a couple) around the planet that looks reasonable from orbit. When you get close, the 2D layer fades away (like LOD) and is replaced by the current foggy effects we have already. Reverse that as you descend below.

Of course, some people would probably complain it looks a bit rubbish, but I wouldn’t care - it would keep me happy until better things come along! I still think Sarake in particular would look better with clouds. Cinder too.

Also, a Venus-type planet with thick, foggy atmosphere would be fun!


Sarake had an ocean and trees years ago, add them back flavien. Just needs thicker clouds like on the gas giant. This will add a new dimension to dogfighting and tactics so it is gameplay focused. add below radar so if you fly above the trees you wont be on radar.