Astronomical event - Lunar eclipse

Supermoon lunar eclipse should begin in one hour. Don’t miss out. :wink:


I’ll take a look at it in one hour, but there are some sites stating it will start at 4:11 am, which is 2 hours from now (roughly)

Can’t sleep (because of FLEA BITES EVERYWHERE I HATE YOU WORLD), and my room is nicely facing west.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a lunar eclipse!
Curiously, the moon as shown in cartoons, looks like a partially eclipsed Moon instead of a normal crescent…

It’s beautiful.

Though … I should really be asleep.

So i have seen the beginning. Then i fell asleep :slight_smile:

Before anyone starts pointing fingers. Ofcourse these are photoshopped. If you are clever you even know why.


The first image looks like a short/long exposure blend, but what’s photoshopped about the second one? It looks like it was taken not too long before the deepest part of the eclipse, and looks just like the images guests were taking last night at my school’s observatory.

Both are shots with cheap DSLR equipment. And both are multiple exposures at high ISO (~1600 at ~f1/7). Like 10 exposures of 0.5s each. By aligning the exposures (of the fast moving moon) and averaging them I get a much better signal-noise-ration (similar to one 5s exposure).

The second shot is this: 10 Exposures at 1/4s F/7.1 ISO800 + 5 Exposures at 1/2s F/6.3 ISO 1600 on a cheap zoom lens at 300mm.

Nice one inoX. I could only make pictures while the moon was at least partially illuminated by the sun. Guess I will have enough time to properly learn all about this iso thing until the next one ^^

It was 100% overcast all night at my place. :cry:

To hide the space wales of course! There protected.

I had a great view from the middle of the UK :smiley: Awesome sight even if it made me a little sleep-deprived for work today…

I saw it while floating in the Atlantic ocean, the skies opened up just in time for me as the clouds beat feet.

It was amazing, I loved it, and I want to live in space forever.


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