Are updates to the site lined up for additional funding for Kickstarter?

Does I-Novae already have something arranged similar to Star Citizen, to raise more funding through the website, to launch after the Kickstarter ends?
I want to bring this up now because it’s something that should be set up now and ready to launch. The marketing being lacking makes me think this important thing may be missed.

It looks like the Kickstarter will raise somewhere between 350k-750k at its current pace, but you shouldn’t stop there.

I read somewhere that there was going to be a way to raise funding, but I’m posting this to drive home the importance to have that set up and ready, polished, and ready to go the moment the Kickstarter ends. Any time waiting to get it set up and on the site is money and time to reach the goals earlier lost.

Oh, and on such a page, similar to how the Kickstarter says, after $2.5million you should say something about how the money after that will go to pre-fund the expansion to it that adds a whole galaxy and multiple star systems, and that Infinity:Battlescape will be developed first so you don’t fall into feature creep and never releasing it.

And if you need some help/consulting with that, I have a bit of experience and can answer whatever.

Also here, Ideas for the Kickstarter
I also want to reiterate that I hope you guys hire someone that is experienced and talented with marketing. I’m not offering myself, god no, but you guys seem largely lost there. No offense, and all, I’m saying that out of love because I want this to succeed and a huge part of making games is marketing them. That’s just how it is.

With someone good at marketing, and the right updates to the site to promote it and collect more funding, I think you could raise that 1.5million for a studio by sometime in 2016 for sure. But just hoping or leaving it up the community won’t do it and the devs need to spend more time marketing, I believe. You don’t want to fall into that trap where you’re spending more time on marketing than actually making a game, but still, it’s important.


Don’t worry, they’re not leaving the marketing to the community… not completely :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, yes, I mostly agree with your statement “they should hire a marketing (edit from ‘marjeting’) pro”. However I don’t see how they will hire one without payement or a simple promise of future payement.

So let’s stay put for now: INovae told us they were making a lot of interviews and are about to get some promotionnal stuff done. Since this entire week-end, this forum has been more active than almost a whole year and you know that week-ends ain’t that good about any kind of work (journalistic activity also).

But I sure do hope to get to the 1.5M$ mark, and that’s gonna need some serious work, I agree.

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You made me wonder if I typed “marjeting”, since that’s a thing I’d do.

And I meant to hire one with the money they get from Kickstarter, of course. Even if they only get to the 30k, it’s a worthy expense in combination with a way to raise more funding on the site. Not now, sure, but it should be ready to go 25 days from now.

Yes, we have additional content lined up for release. It’s spaced out because we don’t want to release it all in 1 day.

I believe what he was talking about was having the ability for people to fund you through PayPal or similar right after the Kickstarter ends, so that you are able to use the publicity to gain more funds from those who couldn’t pledge through Kickstarter for one reason or another.

That has been confirmed already but I don’t remember where so I can’t give you a source for that.

Yeah, it’s been confirmed that there will be something after the Kickstarter, I believe.

But the question is if it’s going to be lined up and ready to go right after the Kickstarter ends.
It’s important to ride that wave of hype.

You’re going to get news posts about what it raised that people will hear about it from the first time with, and they go and check the website disappointed that they missed out on it only to see they can’t pitch in, and then forget about it.