Are there any games like my idea?

I’ve long had an idea for an RPG or MMORPG that is fantasy based. The resources it would take to make such a game might presently make it prohibitive, but it’s fun to dream. Essentially, it has features of the Infinity MMO. Players would be able to construct buildings with some creative freedom, create fortresses and towns of mixed NPCs and players. The players would expand civilization, but from a ground level. The core gameplay would revolve around economics, warfare (especially in the protection of territory, which would contribute to economics), and then there would be overarching storylines within the world. So, centralized lore would be complex like a comic-book universe. Players would also lead and direct NPCs, making the game somewhat like an RTS where the player is more of a hero-level character, but the gameplay is a lot more focused on the player’s combat, with the NPC’s AI doing a lot of the combat planning.

Combat would be fluid, somewhat more skill-based like Dark Souls, but not overly difficult for PVE experiences. Gear would matter to a degree, but players would be able to design gear themselves. I.e. you might not really have classes of weapons (i.e. axes, polearms, swords), but you’d be able to piece materials together in such a way that you could do some basic physics calculations in the code to determine the damage the weapon would do. So, you’d be able to choose where to place your hands on a sword, axe or polearm, which would change some basic functioning. It would be hitbox based.

You’d be able to design spells in a similar way. Certain styles of gameplay would emerge to be better than others, but the goal would make combat evolve emergently like decks evolve in a CCG. So, maybe there’s this dungeon with a lot of spiders, so you fashion a spell that is really good at dealing with tons of spiders. Or, maybe an opposing group really likes the strategy of using ranged attacks from horseback, so you counterattack it with polearms. The goal would be to make it endlessly creative while providing the fast track for people who care less about the creative details.

So, for divergent, creative sandboxy people, you might spend your time exploring, designing weird weapons or finding that weird weapon idea that just happens to work better than a lot of other stuff. For more linear-progression people, you might spend time building up your resources, defeating bosses or other accomplishments in the game.

Combat would be less tank-dps-heals, and more “you get hit a few times, you die, you find a way to avoid it” like Dark Souls. To make it possible for players to counteract powerful bosses, they’d have temporary invulnerabilities rather than large health pools. Artistically it would be fairly realistic, and I’d try making aesthetics that are in good taste: not cartoonish, but beautiful and realistic, but with players able to model whatever they’d like. And, if they want to make giant dildo statues, I’d say “go on ahead and do that.” I’d opt for an M rating because there would be decently enough gore and sexuality in the game as is. So, basically I’d implement some simplified modeling tools. For buildings, you’d be able to design many different types of structures, perhaps where you can modify things like pillars. I.e. if you make your building with thin structural elements, it will be weak. It seems like a lot of this could be done with fairly simple physics calculations where the behavior is dependent on geometry. You could include some continuum mechanics as an approximation, where things like stone and concrete have high compressive strength but not tensile, whereas wood has high tensile strength but not compressive. Numerical moment of inertia and center of mass calculations would allow for correlations that don’t necessary mean as much for the animations as they do the characteristics of a structure or weapon.

Environments would be ideally fully destructible, but that could get super difficult. So, perhaps I’d implement some simplified fragmenting destructibility and not full-blown continuum mechanics.

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Have you read the book REAMDE? (Not a typo). It has a fictional MMO in it called T’Rain that sounds a little similar to this! Maybe one day someone will make something on this scale :grin:

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Build stuff in a persistent world which is fully destructible mmo: Wurm online
A mmo-ish game with growing cities, npcs that live in them and a fully destructible world: Minecraft
Lead troops into battle mmo rts: Atlantis online (or was it Atlantica? Cant remember)
Fight stuff online with a neat combat system: mabinogi Heroes (also known as Vindictus) or Warframe
Build your own weapons-ish: Warframe
A pretty dank hardcore (hope-you-love-excel-hardcore) mmo: eve online
I saw the word sexuality somewhere in the text mmo that is also in a bleak and gritty fantasy setting mmo: Age of Conan online unchained

Those are just a couple of the things from the top of my head, I hope it helps.

I would say check out Wurm Online. It checks a lot of your boxes (dunno if they also have npc’s that live in your town)

I think I’d mainly include sexuality in mine just to take away the power from trolls who would think it’s edgy to make giant penis statues, and so that I’m not sweeping that aspect of human nature under the rug.

If I had the wealth of Jeff Bezos, I’d fund this game.

other than the combat there’s a game like this that exists, the nutcase dev even added “sexual reproduction”. Its complete buggy garbage on a level not usually seen though, and the dev will rage at you and have his gm delete your shit if he doesnt like you. Dont really want to advertise that shit, the player pop is 3 people now anyways due to repeated dev meltdowns, and its pay to play.


The sexuality aspect would just be more along the lines of “this is just the reality.” Some places would be a lot more repressed, some places more open. It would be reflective of what would have been typical in some regions of the world between 7000 BCE and 1200 CE.

It’s to keep it realistic and to also keep edgelords in check.

that shit was added long after i played it, as far as i know its just some ugly looking alien species models like this standing near eachother with some text, then another player can inherit the baby character. still fucking bizzare.

It did have a procgen galaxy, city building, ship design, spawn from nothing in the woods somewhere on some empty planet, fleet controls in space, ground based control of soldiers and literal click on the randomized hitbox to sometimes do damage “fps” combat. o it checed most of your boxes which is why i was interested in it to begin with. Politics got very interesting while people still played it, but it was more in spite of the broken game mechanics than due to them.

anyways, i share most of your vision for wanting that kind of game. even getting a broken taste really has me wanting for something playable