Any opportunity for work?

Is there any opportunity to work for or with i-Novae? I really enjoy you guys’ work.


IIRC, there was a page about it on the main website, but I can’t find it now. I guess they are not searching for new people at the moment. That said, if you are great at something specific, maybe showing some examples of your work could get their attention if they happen to have a need for it.

Personally, I intend to ask them again if they ever need a writer. The universe and history as described on the old forums were chock-full of narrative potential on many levels.

If you have a project that would require the I-Novae Engine, your best bet is probably to wait for after the Kickstarter when they get a first public version of it for I:B and begin to work with it at this point.
Or better if you can, see if you can directly invest in the engine’s development. Kickstarter or not, they are probably still searching for investors interested in the engine.