An interisting project on Kickstarter

I just found it and I think this could be something huge for the future of gaming, so let me share it to you :

The possibilities let me speechless, sincerely.


You see ? Speechless xD

This opens up the development of many compelling mechanics, but I wonder how accurate the thing is.

While it seems interesting i’m somewhat skeptical, emotional states are way too subjective and many factors outside othe game can influence it, not sure how accurate this is. This technology will, i believe, only work if it’s incorporated into existing systems like a next-gen console controller because i don’t see any devs putting in the work to change their game based on this wristband with so few potential users.

For example: you’re playing Life is Strange and you’re having a very positive emotional reaction with tears - how will the band differentiate between sadness and happiness? How will it differentiate between different kinds of people? Some people cry when they’re happy, others feel stressed during an intense CS:GO match that they’re winning.

What i feel this would work best is with geriatric care, a tech incorporated alongside existing smartbands that measure your vitals for health monitoring as another data point for apps and doctors. Or for hospital patients. This business would do well if they got purchased by an existing smartband or smartwatch company to incorporate their tech into future devices.