All the best in the new 2015 year for everyone and especially for this game

I’m watching infinity for last - I’m not sure - 7 years ? 8 maybe ? I never really made any posts or comments, but I must admitt I really enjoyed idea of procedural galaxy and also ship models, graphics, videos and community behind this production.

So - you may consider this as my first post during last decade, I guess :smile:

I wish the dev team and all community members including myself so that 2015 will be the year in which something real happens, like beta ? or at least successful crowd founding campagin :wink:


Thanks a bunch, we really appreciate it and we’re working hard to release our Kickstarter campaign! =)


Welcome to the forums!

Ive been in the same boat and only recently starting posting in the last few months. You certainly aren’t alone.

Happy Christmas!