All aboard the HypePlane for the rings video/kickstarter!

When you say you’ve seen it, you do mean you’ve been playing it on a loop for most of the day right? :wink:


I call battlescape.

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I meant when you hope to release, not about the video itself. I’m excited either way. Thanks guys!

Oh no Andre broke the “days without release date announcement” combo!

Well … yeah.

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Rings video is up, and it looks very nice. Great job I-Novae!


Here’s the ring video:

Absolutely incredible. Beautiful. Probably the first time I’ve ever seen rings done right in a game.

A friend took various screenshots, enjoy:


My thoughts on this :smiley:

this video is disappointing:

  • The video should have been cutted on beat. This is not the case and now it seems odd or unprofessional (for example showing the planet at 0:21 should have happened at 0:23 in the music!!!)
  • When flying through the rocks of the rings, I’d expect to hear the rocks hammering on the hull… or at least see or hear some shield interaction
  • To me, the planets look too colorful to look realistic (In a solar-system like this having one silly colored planet might work. But each having another silly color looks like space-paintball)
  • What happened to the atmosphere around 2:07 - there is a gap in it?!

The gap was explained previously. It’s the shadow of the ring.


The Videocomposition as is is fine. It does the job of showing the rings from far and near. What it is missing is size comparisons. The 2010 Demo had this great Scene where the ship stopped by at one of the Billion rocks. The scale and the really big chunks of rocks being made comprehensible to someone without a ruler or 3D Screen.

I have to dissagree with inoX. The planet and ring Looks great and in my oppinion not too colourfull. Earth is colourfull too. Ist oceans just aren’t teal in colour. The colours are one of the best thing in my oppinion.

And the lighting is truly great. The work you’ve done clearly “shines trough”, :wink: Those sharp shadows. Looks very crisp and sexy!

A good ring demonstration Video.

Now thtat this is (finally) done and over the Kickstarter can come :thumbsup:

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If you would watch it again, they actually got the transition synched nearly-perfectly. . . with the beginning of the trumpets instead of the climax. If you really want to nitpick, they did the transition a second late. It’s still more than close enough for the effect to be undiminished.

That was very obviously a scripted camera just like in the last video. There was no hull to interact with the environment in the first place.

And yet there are at least two worlds in our own solar system that are at least as colorful. Who’s to say that an alien system would not be more so?

It’s called a shadow. Look it up.

My bad. Do we have similar photos of earth during a solar eclipse? I would like to compare how odd the real thing looks ^^

Regarding all other items: The video just doesn’t feel realistic to me. Sorry!

The video looks nice. I think it would have been a nice addition if you could have started on the planet itself and ended with landing on another planet. Now the video feels somewhat empty.

Congrats guys. The video was nice, although, in a completely non-technical viewpoint, I feel like a stronger “effect” might be needed for more casual gamers to become interested (into consideration for the KS video). I felt like the planets were rather “digital”, lacking in detail from a great distance. From the middle part of the video and on, as we were getting closer, things improved. But overall, it wasn’t as immersive as the previous videos. I suggest that you do not rush things for the KS (no pun intented, heh) and make sure the video hits hard (read: a bit of a Hollywood feel) rather than just being an accurate representation of everything that is in the game.

Google to the rescue

An eclipse causes a more or less circular shadow, which means you can’t see through it the same way you can with the shadow of planetary rings.

I do wonder… if the rings are that effective at blocking out the light from the nearby sun, wouldn’t the part of the rings in the planet’s umbra cause a more noticeable effect with regards to stars passing behind it? Or rather, at what distance/angular density would distant stars start to get eclipsed by the shadowed rings?

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We do have some fairly high resolution images of Saturns rings from Cassini, and they do not appear to show the bright band of atmosphere over the shadow seen at 0:24. Here is a google images search. No idea of this means that there is something to be considered wrong with the video, or if different atmospheres scatter the light in different ways making the bright band more or less prominent.

I was also surprised about the number of rocks when flying inside the rings. I would expect that real rings to have more dust and small rocks than large ones. Even so, I would love the possibility to chase of pursuers among the larger rocks and then hide my powered down fighter attached to one of them in the rings in shadow of the planet.

I give it a 5. In the panoply of videos that are associated with Infinity, this is not a particularly good one. It shows one ring system in a very muted, clinical way. If I was demoing rings, I’d be showing pretty much every lighting angle I could think of. Do a Google Image Search of Cassini rings images and you’ll see some impressive images. I’m amazed that there was no video of backlit rings, but the engine’s rendition of that might not be particularly interesting. Or there is not yet a star from which the engine can work. (Edit: there’s a star, visible at the 1:23 mark)

The passage through the ring was far too long. Remember that people can pause the video and take screenshots of favorite frames. There’s no need to spend a minute in continuous movement through a rock field. There should have been cuts to a variety of interesting ring interactions. Boundaries are interesting, while repetition is not. Passing through the ring’s thickness. Passing through the transition between lit and shadowed sections. Moving along a gap for a few seconds. Pulling up to a large rock. The star partly eclipsed by a large rock. And so on.

The lack of motion blur when moving quickly through the ring was distracting. Rocks seemed to appear for individual frames, which jarringly contrasted with the mellow music and the pace of the rest of the video. I assume that was a technical statement, demonstrating that the camera/ship is not limited on speed while in a ring, but it felt misplaced in this video.

Multiple ring types would have been nice. A very tenuous ring and a couple thick rings, perhaps - assuming the engine could handle that.

The video serves its purpose to demonstrate that the engine implements rings. That’s impressive, and will be particularly so to newcomers to INS technology. As one of the long-timers here, it wasn’t much. I think some stills would have been a better use of the team’s time.

The only part of the video that started to get a smile from me was the planetary approach, where the ground terrain remained rock-solid. No popping, no artifacts, nothing. But as the camera drifted lower, the land slid out of view, which was a big disappointment. Would the terrain remain magically-free of artifacts all the way down, or were we just passing over the terrain at an altitude that avoided a change in level of detail?

All that said, congratulations on the video and keep up the good work. I wish you luck as you move forward.

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What’s the name of the song used in the video?

Trailer jump-cuts into the rings, and then the flight out of the rings is facing away from them. You don’t show a single full transition relating to the rings making the whole video entirely pointless.

The trailer didn’t bother showing off the scale of individual large rocks either, makes everything feel smaller than it is/should look, but that pales in comparison, honestly.

I won’t be showing anyone this video that I end up trying to get to look at the kickstarter, that’s for sure.

If this was a promotional video, I would be quite critical for the reasons JB sums up. However, as a demonstration video for the ring implementation, it is fine.

There is obviously still work to do, like the rocks instantly popping in view, but that’s normal as the engine is still in development.

So it’s great to have a new video and see things continuing to progress.
Bon courage pour la suite!

Also, am I the only one who thought : “Here’s Eve, and here’s Gilly orbiting it. Wait, what is Kerbin doing there?”