Alkan's Music Dump (Latest Oct. 26, 2015)

This is where I’m going to list off all music I make for this game or at least with this game in mind. That way I don’t have to make a new thread every time, and I can organize the works I make for Infinity. Basically I’m making these in some of my limited and very stretched spare time (composing is competing with art, piano and road cycling), so it can take a while for me to finish things. Basically I am trying to work out a musical language for Infinity. Or, at the very least one that I like. I hope that by creating this thread that I motivate myself to produce a few more tracks and actually finish off some of my other ideas.

Here’s the latest:

This one shouldn’t take too much longer, though hopefully I can get more work in on it sooner than later. Ignore the thing at the end, apparently I didn’t crop out my brainstorm that I threw in real quick fully. Lol. Oh, and keep in mind: this is anticipation of war, not battle. Pre-battle will probably be the same as the battle theme but reduced and worked into the combat track.

The old one I already shared:

Once I post an update to this one, you’ll hear a more balanced sound and it should be more like 10 minutes long with a new middle section, as well as some restatements of old material (that part I’ve worked out already, just futzing with the new middle section, not quite finding myself satisfied).

Future works (please, do tell me what other things will need scoring : P ):

Themes for respective factions (looking into modal music for Centaurus)
Earth Theme
Main Theme


Structurally finally managed to finish the original ambient track (Deep Space Ambience) and am in the process of cleaning it up. It’s at almost 10 minutes.

I uploaded this update to the previous theme a long time ago but didn’t post it here and expanded on its direction a bit. Tried incorporating my sense of Shostakovich and Rachmaninoff into this one:

It’s mainly the tranquil part afterwards that I updated, as well as the transition to it. The rest is just sketched out.

Also, really old unfinished stuff, but wanted to keep it here:

^This one is kind of a main theme type of feel. I plan to expand on this one because I still like the theme after all these years.

^This one is too slow and doesn’t sound right when you speed it up, but I still like some moments in it.