[AI] Axis Incorporated

Axis Incorporated is a multi-division IPO with a strong focus on industrial manufacturing and becoming a self-sufficient entity with a dedicated trade core.

Our organization is divided into several parts with their own focus points, called divisions. Together, they all work towards the common goals of Axis Incorporated.

Our long-term plan is to be able to set up a secure, dedicated area for trade and sell some of the best quality equipment on the market.

You can find our site here and our forums here.

To this day, we maintain an open joining policy and only really request you do not join any other organizations as long as you are affiliated with us.

To skip straight to joining up, go fill in the questionnaire to find out what division you’d belong in.

Who are we?

Axis Industries

Our core group, Axis Industries is the renowned signature of this corporation.

This department commands the industrious sector, in an attempt to reach prosperous solutions. Assembling large centers of trade, founding vast colonies or manufacturing the mightiest ships-of-the-line is quite possibly the most rewarding aspect of this great genre. The industrial branch is the entity behind the numerous supplies that circulate this business; we supply the galaxy with products, including high-quality items for the members of this corporation.

Axis Enforcement

Axis Enforcement is mostly affiliated to protecting the inhabitants of Axis Inc. controlled space and her allies from would-be assassins, theft and organized crime. The enforcement branch is kept in a strict code of ethics, in order to ensure that the rights of civilians are not violated. They are present to enforce that rules be understood as rules and act as a deterrent against crippling piracy.

In a century shaped by technology, the individual’s skill fails in comparison to the collaborate talents of a unified team. In order to be successful, members must work together in accordance to their team captain or officer. More importantly, the officer in charge of a family unit must be adept and capable. We understand the value of good teamwork and genuinely appreciate the strength which resides in togetherness.

Axis Pioneering

Pioneering‘s purpose is become the main cartography resource within our group and explore uncharted areas that can be of interest to our industrial machine. In 2009, they also merged with our Mining Division, meaning they will be the first to fuel our industrial machine with untouched resources.

Axis Cargo

Axis Cargo is an important aspect of this corporation. They will be focusing on two large aspects within the corporation: Export and import. They will be doing trade runs, often with Enforcement and Merc escort, exporting Axis manufactured goods to the far edges of space. Furthermore, they will ensure our industrial machine can keep turning, by trading to compensate for any loss in resources or equipment.

Axis Mercenaries

The most recent addition to our group, the mercenaries from Axis Inc. are the most versatile division within our group. Instead of simply being guns for hire, their focus lies on filling the gaps other divisions might leave and supporting our allies. With the industrial machine supporting it, we aim to make the Axis Mercenary branch a very mobile, highly adaptable group working in family units and supporting the organization in any way they can.

Working with the mercenaries always comes with a price, but as versatile as our help can be, so versatile can payment be. These men and women work for the group and less for individual gain.

Axis Communications

To keep all these men and women in line and the direction of our growth in check, the communications division consists of those members from other divisions that have shown promise in team-building, diplomacy and setting up communications between players.

They will serve as the main diplomats, moderators, communication leaders and management.

Axis Insurance

Last but not least, the origins of the organization, and smallest division within our organization. Once we reach late-game, our organization aims to provide personal and group insurance to internal members, allies and neutral third-parties.
This division is not available for joining at this time.

Interested? Come and hang out on our forums or apply to join our organization by filling in the questionnaire.

Axis Incorporated. Security is paramount.

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Just shouting out to say I’m still here! (Still registered under my old name of randomguy25 on the Axis forums.)
Sab1e - Axis Pioneering

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Welcome back guys.

I hope there’s a chance for us to work together again some day! :smile:

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@Sab1e Good to see you around! Don’t forget to stop by our forums now and then to say hello. There’s always a few people keeping an eye on the place.

@Topperfalkon I’m sure there will be. We always got along great with the TBO, I don’t see why that should change. :slight_smile:

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Well since you guys are chipping in here I might as well also, though most of you probably don’t know me seeing as I tend to lurk rather then post, still here and going strong, time permitting I hope to become a bit more active round here, especially as things ‘heat up’ in preparation for battlescape. I’ll be sure to swing by the Axis forums too and keep up activity there while i’m at it.

Delta9and3 -Axis Enforcement


Nice to see Axis is still there :blush:

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May Battlescape bring us the return of many great dogfights and skirmishes across the solar system. :wink:


'ello. We certainly are still here!

Any Axis members should check the corp forums and check in there as well!

Bit late, but hello! :smiley: I only now noticed that we actually have a corp post here.

Whelp we didn’t get much of a response here I posted on the axis forums when the new site came up, but we should re-start some of our community stuff like the skype chat or gaming saturdays. I’ll maybe try to organize something on the forums once my exams are done.

Fellow axis merc reporting in (;

sup solar =)

Well i’ll be damned, the Axis still exist! I havn’t checked on Infinity for nearly two years i think. A little birdy whispered something about Flavian getting a game out soon. Can’t belive you’re still alive haha! Glad to see ya. :blush: