After my pledge to the kickstart

Severaldays ago i paid the I:B campaign.At that time i have to pay the bill with the exchange rate 6.5(dollars to RMB).And because i do not have a visa card, an agent is needed.For that i cost extra 3dollars for the commission charge.BUT guess what happend guys?

When i loged in BAIDUTIEBA of INFINITY:THE QUEST OF THE EARTH(a china forums about our game)today, i found that China’s official website to pledge launched!Yes you can believe your eyes.And at this website ,i can pay with the exchange rate 6.4,and do not need commission charge.In a sum, i paied more money because my thirst for the game!


Please post a link to the chinese pledge site. To me that sounds like phishing behind the great firewall…

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You can ask the seller to refund.

That’s my site, I talked about this with devs.

some guys are use kickstarter doing business in China


Hi Freeman,
thanks for that reply. I know you are around here for quite a while and i trust you :slight_smile:


Hopefully the wonderful chinese community can help us out.

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Hi Freeman,

what about starting a 100% Chinese thread in the official forums. Have a chinese thread title and drop a note in english into the OP that only chinese language people or mods shall post in it.

@inoX oh I am glad to hear that, dear inoX.But i guess that there are not too much chinese players.
PS:are you developer?

I wish I were, but I think even if I am capable of what they require, I couldn’t affort being one. I’ve got a family to earn money for and I want to buy a house and I am no good home-office worker :frowning:

yes yes,i think they are really talented and hardworking.but you can feel satisfied with the houseing price while it is a astronomical figure in china。 :sweat_smile:

And in my opinion,independent developers can build more excellent games for the players.Those commercial companies only found money in the player.

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