Advice for aspiring indie game developers

Here’s a nice blog post about setting your expectations and choosing the right scope for the game that you want to write. Some very good advice in here.

I’ll use this topic if I see any other articles with good advice for aspiring games developers. I’ll also plug my own dev journal which has some advice on the subject. Forgive the web site, it’s overdue for a redesign.


I think this is the relevant thread for this. My blog post about the Procedural City Generation prototype for Unity3D.


Interesting reads - hoping people will post more!

While it would be awesome to be able to develop indie games (and even apps) all by myself; I know that you should never underestimate the power of forums and communities.
For example, if you are an indie game developer and would like some artwork for your main character - there are forums and communities online with people that would be more than happy to get a chance to create artwork (even for free!) for your game. Their “golden carrot” is that they may get a chance to have their artwork in a game! Something to write home about! :slight_smile: