Account Creation Date Oddity

So I saw somewhere that account dates were fixed, and I went and clicked on someone’s account to see if it was true…and indeed it was.

Then I immediately clicked on my account preferences at the top, and it told me I had the exact same date and last activity/logon information as the person’s profile that I clicked on but the correct email. I tried this with other people’s accounts as well and the same thing happened with their dates. If I click on my account without checking anyone else’s account though, it still says 1 day ago.

I had managed to get my legacy account before they were importing proper dates.

No biggie on my end, just thought I’d let you know.

Huh. Odd. I can confirm that I’m seeing this behaviour as well.

Ok thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll look into it. I’m still working on a solution for people who created their account while legacy account importing was broken, it’ll get taken care if eventually.

I created a new account “BackZuth1”

Altho now I could log in to my original “BackZuth” account, I’m so happy :grin:

Its the little things in life :wink: My sign up date hrhr

Btw, will it be possible to get a signature in this forum? (I have not looked in to it, thought I’d pop the question)

Signatures are intentionally not supported by discourse

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It’s better this way. Signatures are just an unpleasant waste of space.

I wouldn’t mind the lack of signature if discourse aimed to be space effecient. But as is it’s replaced the signature with unnecessary shadowing, “likes”, and its not even using all the horizontal space on my screen, like its pushed into a corner.

And, the “reply as new topic” button scares me. both in purpose and the amount of space its taking up.