About the I:B Trailer OST

Hi there.

Just wondering if the trailer soundtrack is available somewhere or if it will be part of the kickstarter digital OST.

I love the music :heart_eyes:


Seconded. The music is fantastic!

Fantastic is an understatement.

Personally, I’d buy the OST separate if I had to. I NEED that music. Whoever they’ve gotten to do the music for IB is an absolute genius.

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I’m assuming Panu Aaltio is responsible for the music, maybe you should look him up.


If you pledged 35$ or above, the OST is granted.

Not sure if the OST can be made available sooner (contracts or whatever).

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To battle with you!

Topic: I get goosebumps listening to that song. It fits the game perfectly.

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I agree. I believe the music does a perfect job of setting the mood, slowly rising during the entire video, being strong and epic when something grand is being shown, being soft and emotional at other times and switching to something even more tense and fast paced during the final scene.

I believe that music can 50% or more of the greatness of an experience of every type (games, movies, even books or real life experiences) and that this trailer perfectly demonstrates that. I’m certain that if the final game possesses an OST of similar quality, it will take it from 100℅ awesome to 200% :smile:

I read somewhere (I think it was a YouTube comment yesterday) that the song used for the trailer has no name yet. If you’re looking for suggestions, then one idea would be to name it “Paladin 28” or “Paladin 28’s Journey”, for obvious reasons.

Another would be something like “Ascent” or “Skywards” or “Doomed Journey” or “Rising to a dangerous orbit” or “Arriving at the Battlescape”. Generally something that conveys the slow building of tension combined with epicness. I’m not sure, English is not my first language, someone else might have a better idea.