A system reboot is required over and over again

Continuing the discussion from Patch and Updates Notes:

Did you removed the Launcher http request on google.com with new update?

I’ve got the same “A system reboot is required” after I updated the runtime over and over again (I did restart the system many times).

I looked and as far as I’m aware there is no check for google.com in the launcher specifically (unless you try to login via Google). There was, however, a check for google.com in the bootstrapper (INovaeInstaller.exe) which I did remove.

It looks like you’re experiencing a reboot bug that’s affecting a small number of users. Most often this seems to be caused by virus scanners and specialized firewall software. I already have a fix rolled out however the new version of the installation runtime caused our version numbers to rollover to double digits which broke some stuff within our distribution platform so you can’t actually download them through the installer or the launcher at the moment.

Here is a potential workaround:

  1. Download https://inovaestudios.blob.core.windows.net/deployment/INovaeInstaller.exe
  2. Download https://inovaestudios.blob.core.windows.net:443/deployment/INovaeInstall_0.1.10.0.ind
  3. Download https://inovaestudios.blob.core.windows.net:443/deployment/INovaeLauncher_0.1.10.0.ind
  4. Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory where you downloaded everything
  5. Run INovaeInstaller.exe -pid:0 -pkg:<full path to INovaeInstall_0.1.10.0.ind> -upgrade
  6. Run INovaeInstaller.exe -pid:1 -pkg:<full path to INovaeLauncher_0.1.10.0.ind> -upgrade

At this point you should be all set for running the launcher and installing/updating the game. Please let me know if you experience any more problems.

Could you post the URL of “” game file?
So we can download and install manually?