A Spiritual Successor to the Old Contributions Forum

One of the things I miss the most is the contributions forum. And, while open contributions seem to be a thing of the past, I would absolutely love it if something came along that delivered what was greatest about that forum.

What we were doing there was collaborating on building a world, learning about various aspects of design, coding, writing, modeling, music and art to produce a world that exists partly in our imagination and partly in the real world. It was that experience that made that forum - and I do not believe that we need contributions to be open again for that to happen.

There is a lot to discuss on how one could create a spiritual successor to that forum within new limitations - and that’s why I’m opening this thread.


Wouldnt mind seeing a “mods” subforum at some point in the future that can serve a similar purpose.


Especially if high quality mods have some influence, direct or indirect, the actual game itself.

That could reinvigorate the contributions environment.