A Short Ambient Track Dedicated to Infinity (Finished!)

Update: I finally finished it! I might polish a couple of things, but this is the final structure. I’ve wrestled to long with it, so here it is:

I felt like sharing this because I don’t know if I’ll actually work on it again.

Anyways, couldn’t access my old account, so that’s why the low post count. But, I did make a track that was intended to be for the now-defunct contributions section. It would need polishing for that, this isn’t for implementation (unless you really liked it).


I like it.

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Wow, there’s actually a lot going on in there! It’s a very emotional piece (at least it was for me).

The first minute feels very nostalgic. It’s a mix of slightly sad, and slightly hopeful, and conjures up images of a person standing alone, staring off into space. At the one minute mark, we get what almost feels like a reference to the Star Trek fanfare, and the tinge of sadness gives way to something a bit more optimistic.

Underneath it all, there’s something foreboding, however. Slow, irregular pulses of bass keep the listener slightly off kilter. It bubbles to the surface here and there, too, leaving the listener with a sense that there’s danger lurking about, but nothing that’s an immediate threat. By 2:30, the optimism, while not draining away entirely, gives way to something a little more neutrally serene. A minute later, the piano returns, and with it the nostalgic sentiments. This time, however, they’re underpinned with something a bit less tentative. It’s a little more forward looking, and a little less sad. It’s almost fearful; a mix of hesitance and and acceptance.

I really like it. It really sets a tone for exploration and colonization. It touches all of the feelings someone would have while on a long journey into the unknown. Nostalgia, fear, sadness, and hope.


Brb, need to find jaw.


Well, you guys have all made my day with your responses.

Kichae: Thanks! Yes, I was basically trying to capture everything about exploration. I like your appraisal of it: it adds some stuff that I hadn’t quite thought about. I think specifically the sadness is the loneliness of being in an enveloping and overwhelming vastness, so far away from anyone and anything familiar. And later on, I wanted to return to the main theme in a non-introductory fashion, whereas it opens up with what isn’t quite the main theme but it’s close so that I can return to it in a climactic fashion. Given the reception, I’m probably going to return to it and finish it up.

… and make it a few minutes longer? :smiley:

Oh yes, I’ll make it longer. Lol.

I love listening to tracks like these regardless of whether im playing a space game. And this is definitely one I’d listen to without the space game background, which says a lot for it’s quality.

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Finally finished. A year later.


Great work! This is begging to be matched up with some gameplay video :smiley:


I would be quite happy if someone did that!

(Permission to use given to devs :wink:)