A quick update as I head to GDC

If anybody is going to be there and wants to see a demo of our tech please let me know!


I’m sure an early June launch date is going to disappoint somebody, but it’s actually perfect for me and my current funding situation. Very much looking forward to getting you to shut up and take my money.

Have fun!

And I’m just typing this line because of the minimum character requirements, which are stupid, so don’t mind this.

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I’m very happy you’re taking this stance. While getting a quality product out is important too many kickstarter projects get bogged down in delays upon delays.

There are some answers we have been told no or ignored. Unless my command of the English language has gone completely… glade to see there will be three.
One thing you may want to update is Wikipedia.
Best of luck, have fun and don’t connect to any strange computers.


Yeah, the longer you wait, the more money I’ll have saved and available for the pledge.
Wait, don’t take this as an excuse to put more delays!

During the Kickstarter, will you release all of Battlescape’s lore?
I’m still thinking abour writing those short stories about the SFC independence war (it’s been far too long since I wrote anything), so I’m quite interested in what lore has been set in stone.
And green is better anyway.

Love the update! It’s nice to see a specific list of things left to do, so everyone can appreciate the work that goes into a (hopefully) effective Kickstarter. Also, some of those screenshots are looking very yummy.

And timing the launch for early Summer-ish would be almost perfect for me too! I should have a few quid to throw your way over those months. Not much, but something!

Good luck and enjoy GDC! :slight_smile:

GDC should be great, we all appreciate the update and I’m more than happy to wait.

P.S. The new screenshots on the website look really good. Still need to get that Google screw ups sorted out though!

Go forth with the blessing of the god of indie game devs: May your demos be bug-free and your coffee sustain you. Amen.


I know some people that are going to GDC I will tell them to meet up with you. Do you have a demo of the engine on hand?

Just curious.

Yeah, he’s got a version of it on his laptop :slight_smile:


Alright - sounds good I will point them in your general direction and see if they bite :smile:

PURPLE for the win!!!

So, was GDC helpful in any way for Inovae?

And is the next video still scheduled to be released this month?

I really wish the “screenshot of the week” idea had been fully embraced. Spending so long with no real updates(“rave” planet doesn’t count) so close to the finish line is going to be a pain. :neutral_face:

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It went really well. I was able to talk with some potential licensee’s as well as pitch to potential investors. Everybody I showed our video was really impressed, including Tim Sweeney, and people seemed to like the idea we have to Infinity: Battlescape.


Of course rave planet counts! :stuck_out_tongue: But I do agree, a screenshot a day would be amazing as the ones currently on the homepage are truly breathtaking.

I think I used to go there when I was eighteen.

Yeah we’re trying to get it out within the next week or 2.


Well… not completely, I mean some of your post still made sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ye know… I heard someone at my university say almost the exact same thing about the satellite they’re planning to launch next month. It’s only a small one, and their jobs and personal savings aren’t on the line, but still…

Keith Newton ‏@inovae_keith Apr 1

Our new planetary rings video is almost ready to record. The current blocker is… me… :wink:

Were waiting! 'Wont be done until it’s right. I know. :stuck_out_tongue: