A game of Wolf to celebrate the new forums?

Who’s up for the first Wolf game in the new forums?

Anybody particularly want to host?
Any game preferences?

I’m in.

I’m up for a game. Though it’s gonna be a little different, considering we can’t exactly highlight our votes in red…

You will be able to when the latest updates get merged in.

Im IN!

I vote for NobleBrutus to be lynched!

He’s a wolf. :wolf: Game over.

Just kidding. :wink:

You actually can vote in [color=red]red[/color]?

The biggest problem I see is that I don’t see a way to private message anyone. I may be missing it though.

The Private message feature seems to be there. But it looks bugged right now.

Try clicking on anyones profile picture. Also in your profile page there is a page called messages.

Um, yes. My life for the wolf game!

Yeah I’ve reported an issue on the official Discourse forums with PM’s not working by using someone’s picture. If you go to their profile PM’s should work.

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How did you do that?

[color=red]Like this?[/color]

…But I suppose I should be helpful. “color=red” insert text here “/color”, with brackets instead of quotes. At least I think that’s how it works.

Can someone highlight how to private message on a screenshot like this? I cant see where to do it.

Oh, and you color text by doing:

For example... [color=red]hello world[/color]

Screenshot, because I’m not allowed to post pictures or something.

All right, I’m [color=red] in [/color]!

Dang, how did you know?

[color=limegreen]I’m In[/color]

So the forum’s back up and running? Cool beans. I’d ask to join but would probably just gum things up by needing to drop out half way through due to inevitable unforeseen circumstances.

Good to see you guys are all still alive, mind. =D

I’m not even sure how this works…

[color=purple] Oh, thanks.[/color]

And you can actually also specify syntax highlighting like:

class MyRubyClass
  def test

using 3 tilde's (instead of 1) followed by the name of the language and then closing with another 3 tilde's.


I’m in! missed those games

That’s really awesome.

for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++){
console.log(“I am awesome”);

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So correct me if I’m wrong, but it doesn’t appear that we have a host for the game as of yet?