A Basic GUI in IB

mainly a small undeveloped gui just for like choosing where to spawn and so pause doesn’t exit the game, I have noticed that most of the new bases each have spawnpoints.
It would be nice if you could go and pause(well not a full pause you would still be moving and can be hit) Also to be able to choose your ship when you respawn. and while playing you could pull up like a video or something without using ctrl alt delete.
You could change your control settings and volume without restarting the game mainly just a basic gui which could just be grey squares with words or slide bars, it just would be nice and help get started on development of a better gui and game features(my own little suggestion for how it looks : Button panels with animated moving star, blue backrounds). It would allow a lot more and also when a new base is added not to have to go flying all around to see what it looks like.

Sorry I tend to repeat stuff when typing, atleast me would like a basic gui for the game(also the enter button doesn’t show F9) This is your choice but thanks.

The prototype is to lay out the core elements of the game. It’s not supposed to look pretty yet. It will eventually. You can already cycle different ships by pressing f9. I’m more interested in how jump mechanics will work right now instead of a menu that chooses a different station that takes an extra minute to fly to.

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Having just a basic barebones global text chat in-game would be nice (not everyone is going to get on discord)


I’m sure there is going to be a GUI for the upcoming Alpha version. Probably still not to the level that of the planned HUD for Infinity MMO though: