(2ed try) The ongoing battle between Green and Purple

There are several theories to the origins of the color battles. Shadows is my guess.
Some footage from the 2050s.



There are other origin theories? I’d always thought that this was the accepted origin.
Also, I’ve only ever heard it used in the “laser vs missiles” debate about which space weapon will end up being the dominant one. Are there other common uses?

On the debate over the origin of the color wars it wasn’t determined if the Drazy had alien input in that form of “debate”.

On the missile vs laser debate it was determined that in a high tek world a hybrid would be the best. A laser to soften the shell and a bomb to finish it off, all in one unit.


GREEN! (Ten characters)

But in purple I am stunning.

If you value your lives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFvkgfBXHPA