101+ Stupid/Impossible Requests

In the vein of this thread at the KSP forums, post your trolly/stupid suggestions just for Lolz!
Here are mine to get the ball rolling:

  1. Can this game make you use spreadsheets?
  2. 30-kilometer space stations are too small I want a DEATHSTAR!
    3.Twitch Controls suck I want point-and click.
  3. You should be able to use the Force.
  4. The ships need moar boosterz and dakka.
  5. Why do the ships glide without inertial dampers active? That is unrealistic and should be fixed immediately.
  6. This game should be FTP and make you pay 100 bucks just for a good ship.
  7. The MMO will have too many resources. There should only be minerals and vespene gas.
  8. Will there be cheezburgerz?
  9. Can I have over 9000 spaceships?

11 Spacewhales

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12 Silver rockets with giant fins

TQFE Releases Next Month

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14 Whales that can fly trough space and are rideable

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15 I want a small pet space ship that follows mine around everywhere! It will be pink!

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16 blackhole that sucks me back in time

17 Time that slows down when I get closer to the speed of light, then runs backward when I exceed it

18 A Kickstarter campaign that will actually happen.

19 To be able to drive down a street on a planet and go to the shop for some milk… then take off on a space-bicycle and blow up @gutza1’s Death Star!

20 Real-life global Pizza and takeout delivery service complete with Infinity themed delivery vehicle… with lasers and stuff…

Flesh Gorden’s Penis ship!

21 Double rainbows (wiki)

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22. Almost a triple rainbow

23 Tesseract-shaped space brothels.

24 A huge, robotic arm outside my space ship to wield my gigantic flaming sword.

25 Space ponies.

26 Walking

I got some new ones.

26 Can I have a D20 as a spaceship?
27 Can I have my face as a spaceship?
28 Will there be SPESS MAHRIENS?
29 Can you make the Star Fold ships into METAL BAWKES?
30 Will there be skills I have to train?
31 I want a TARDIS.

I got one more:
32 Can I use Meta Ridley as my ship?

(On a borderline realistic note)

33 INS makes a deadline.
34 KS happens this year.
35 KS makes its target of $500k.

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