0.7.X.X Feedback Thread

A new patch just has been released by I-Novae. Here are the Patchnotes: Patch and Updates Notes

Well done to INS. It seems like the vision they tried to share here New HUD mockups for small ships really materialised and it also looks like there was a lot of work to make this work in the background.
It really lines up with what was shown in the mock up thread. I’ve seen some don’t like the direction as it is quite a bit of a switch from the old aesthetic but by itself it works.

For me it was pretty straightforward to use. All I needed to know is the F4 button thing. The “save” and “load” thing takes a thought to understand but I think that’s the best possible version to do.
The buttons for “enlarge” and “compress” result in sometimes a bit wonky behavour but I don’t think that’s a bug and rather just uncertainty having to be dealt with in some way or another.
Setting up the HUD isn’t a high stress situation and it was pretty straightforward. I really didn’t expect that most of the elements would become MFDs but I like the change. The default layout also seems alright.

What is a bit off is the exception to how all the MFDs work. The target info. It’s the only one that normally has a space right right side of the crosshair but if placed in a virtual MFD space, it is removed.
I can guess why this has been done, several of us in the event weren’t able to find out what was going on with it until Hutch told us.

It would be more intuitive if there would be another vMFD on the right side and that one would be used for the target info.
Maybe this hasn’t been done that way because of ultra-wide screens and that vMFDs would be farther from the centre then with a 16by9 screen … if that’s the case then maybe such a workaround is indeed needed.

All in all. Great. I really love how the load-out section has again been reduced. Nice.

Having almost all sections of the HUD movable and on/off switchable is really powerful and intuitive. This is much more clear then a “3D/Front/Back” setting in the options.

The outlines are incredible amazing! I can read text that has it now in most situations. Amazing. Thanks so much.


Much better!

I noticed today that, when using a analog input (e.g. joystick) with direct mode still moves the “virtual cursor” in the background, even though it is invisible. This means that the closest target hihgliting starts to flicker as the joystick is moved quickly across the screen.
At first it confused me as the “virtual cursor” wasn’t visible but then I noticed what was going on.
I had “direct” on the Interceptor set and “Target” on the Bomber. In “direct” mode this doesn’t happen.

Nice on the little Discord link change. Thanks for taking the small time to change the link to a better landing “page”.

Hutch mentioned you were looking for some ideas for additional vMFDs.

On a lighter note a “velocity vector” vMFD would be nice. Maybe an arrow with a sphere in its middle showing the velocity vector at all times.

To me another thing I often would need is a list of “viable resupply points” sorted by distance. The first thing I need to do once I decide I need to gtfo and then getting out of there is searching for a resupply point. Be it local or remote dock or corvette. Depending on ship class of course.

On the other side another module could show (corvette) pilots ships in need of repair. This way a corvette could heal multiple ships without having to switch target constantly to check if they are still in range and if they are already finished healing.
If people play very coordinated it could also be useful for big fleet ops to see which target is being focused fast and defending that target, even if it wasn’t in your squad or even if it was a bot.

Maybe a threat list would be nice with incoming missiles and mines.


Quick bug report: I play the game on a 4k display in 1440p with borderless windowed and scaling enabled in the Nvidia settings so that the 1440p stretches over the full screen even in borderless window mode.
When I press the windows button and briefly switch to another application the layout of the hud breaks.
Like this:

Feedback on the patch:
Outlines work great, changing the hud is super straight forward and works great.
The new slider for max ring targets is also very nice.
With the ability to also use the physical mfds in the cockpit it will be even better.

Some suggestion for future changes:
Please let us be able to move the cockpit cameras on a vertical axis with a slider or some other way, so that we can adjust the camera to always have the physical MFDs in view. With maximum FOV big parts are already always visible but the full displays would be nice. Also a bigger max FOV would be cool, since the physcial MFDs will no longer be dead space it would be nice.

Can look cool:

Some inspiration for additional MFDs:

  • a Targeting Pod (TGP):

“The Litening II AT targeting pod allows the pilot to detect, identify, track, and engage targets day or night. The TGP has two camera modes: optical (from CCD) and infrared (FLIR) in white-hot and black-hot modes.”

It could show a zoom of the currently selected target


  • a rocket view display:

“When a Maverick is loaded and selected for display on one of the MFCD, video from the seeker can be displayed”


  • a Status Page (STAT)

The STAT MFCD page allows the pilot to view the status of all stations and Line Replaceable Units (LRU). The STAT page is a useful page for diagnosing system problems.

It could be used to display wheter some systems are broken, and for example a warp cooldown timer etc.

  • an embedded Universe GPS INS (EGI)

It could just be a simple display to show the current coordinates of the player in the universe with maybe an input option to manually enter coordinates to set a waypoint

Also if you plan to maybe to a revision to the cockpits, the buttons next to the MFDs (while they look pretty oldschool cool) could just go away, since they serve no function.

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Noting ideas for extra MFDs, thank you :slight_smile:

@Playbenni It looks like only the MFDs are breaking. The rest of the HUD seems to be working ( at least in that pic ) like the speed / shield bars or other HUD text, seems correctly positionned. That makes it extra weird, not sure if / how I can replicate it.

I’m noting the idea of having a slider to offset the vertical seat position. At the moment the only way to see the physical MFDs is to push the FOV of the camera to the max, which isn’t handy. However with a vertical slider, the front crosshair will no longer be centered on the screen. It might have to be combined with a slight pitch rotation… hmm…


I instantly LOVE the physical MFDs!
So much more atmosphere.
Come on you all agree, right?


emerge from slumber
oh, new patch
still no point-to-turn control
return to slumber

@ThornEel :point_up:


Oh, it’s actually on the todo list? Nice! Can’t wait to play again with it.

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Agreed, they are really cool.

Well done Flav!

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You know there already is one though. The capital ship control mode.
If you use a program that presses a key constantly and asign the “Turn to Camera (Hold)” event to that key you basically have point-to-turn control.
The only issue with that is that it slow down a bit before reaching the final center position.

There’s also the behavior of the cursor to return back at the screen center automatically, and I’m not sure how important it is to people used to this point-to-turn control scheme.

I just had an interesting experience: firing up the game again for a quick 20min blast after a long break (quite a few months if I’m honest). It gave me an opportunity to approach it with fresh eyes.

Firstly, a quick disclaimer. I did not spend that long in the game, as mentioned above, so there may be things I missed. However, I am posting this because I feel like I am in a good position to give a “new player” reaction, despite having been part of the community for many years!

I don’t want to swamp this post for loads of stuff, so I will limit it to a few hopefully constructive thoughts.

  • My first reaction on seeing the new HUD was “Whoa!”. It felt a bit like being smacked in the face by neon. Perhaps I need to change the colour from green to something else.

  • Once I got over that reaction, the left side of the reticle is nice and clear, especially the armour/shield numbers. I could do with my throttle setting being much clearer/larger.

  • IMHO, I really disliked not having any central-HUD feedback on what I was doing to my target. The “Target Info” HUD element is nice, but I need something on the target ship’s icon. Even if it’s something simple like tiny little shield/hull bars, or more subtle like degrading the icon with damage.

Edit: just read this.

Hmmm, I did move the target info to one of the HUD slots. Perhaps I should try disabling that so it’s closer to the middle. I still think some on-target visual feedback for damage is needed though. Not numbers; some effect that is instantly understandable.

  • The HUD customisation was nice and easy.

  • I like the missile warning.

  • Changing weapons was clunky as hell. I approve of the idea of holding right-mouse to bring up that radial menu, but I also wanted a quick switch option, where I could do a single click (to switch between blasters and guns only).

  • Can we have an option where Ctrl (freelook) can return to centre view when released? Double-tap can remain as default, but I prefer an auto-centre. (Sorry if that’s already there, I didn’t check).

  • Lastly, the travel vector icon looks like a target lead indicator. I kept trying to fire at it before remembering what it was. It might need to be changed, perhaps a chevron, or a cross?


You can do that with the number keys ( 1-9 ) already.

There’s already an option for that, and you can configure the delay after which it auto-recenters ( if you want it to recenter instantly after you stop looking around, set the delay to the minimum ).


Thanks for the response - I knew I’d probably missed stuff!

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Just went to investigate those settings. Couple more things:

  • I immediately switched 1 & 2, so that 1 was blasters. As the first weapon I use, that felt more natural.

  • I like blue HUD better than green HUD. Thanks for the choice!

  • I found the view auto-recentre option and reduced the time. Is it intended that the view recentres even while Ctrl is still held down? Because that felt unnatural. Holding Ctrl should allow me to look around for as long as I want, then upon releasing it obeys the timer.

  • You could definitely save hotkeys by having a right-mouse-button toggle for blasters and guns. Then weapons groups on the numbers for other stuff such as missiles. But I don’t know how easy it would be to implement a single click and holding the button (which I would keep as the radial menu) to have two different functions.

  • An alert for a battle was displayed and stayed open when I went to the Missions tab. I feel like if you open the menus, the alerts should not be displayed over the top.

  • There comes a point when joining a battle is no longer viable. E.g. I flew to Glimmerfall when its victory percentage was 45%. I arrived to find that actually there were mainly just some larger friendly ships left and the enemy interceptors were just mostly drifting. I arrived, killed an interceptor, then immediately was murdered by about 5 of his wingmen because there was noone else left for them to fight.
    Perhaps battles need to have some indication on the mission board as to how many ships/what kinds would be needed to help the battle.

If you want to hear some happy stuff…! (Based on interceptor combat).

  • I love how the interceptor feels atm, even the gimballed weapons aren’t bothering me. I forgot how nice it is to fly around.

  • Pretty.

  • The core combat is indeed fun (to the extent that it is implemented). It feels punchy, but like you have choice in how you fly and can attempt to escape.

  • It’s definitely better keeping the target info off the MFDs. Having it a bit nearer the centre did help.


The blue reticles tend to get lost when it goes over a blue surface especially Sarake, so I tend to use the green one.

At the moment I believe the timer starts since the last mouse movement.

Absolutely not. It’s possible that the minimum is set to zero, which means that if you stop moving the camera even during a frame, it recenters… especially with the mouse, which tends to not necessarily output a pixel movement every frame ( it can skip frames, especially if you have a high framerate ! ). It’ll check that out tomorrow.

That sounds like a good suggestion. The input system does not support that atm, but I was thinking of adding something similar ( in a generic way ) for a while. It’s not super urgent so I’ll add it to the todo list at a low priority.

Sounds like a bug, I’ll also investigate, first time I heat about it.

At 45% the battle still has a long way to go. You probably arrived right before a reinforcement wave from the losing team. It probably needs some balancing and adjustments though. There must have been other allied ships in the battlefield though, otherwise a new wave would have been triggered. Maybe they were tens of Km away from you, and so the enemy interceptors prioritized you and ganged up.

Yep, a starmap revamp is coming soon.

One thing I personally dislike in battles is how you often die randomly without realizing where the fire is coming from. It too often happens that you’re dogfighting another ship, and suddenly you come close to an enemy capship and fire rains on you. It interrupts the “nice” dogfight you were having, and becomes quite frustrating when it’s against another player.

I’m considering reducing the priority of auto-turrets on enemy ships involved in dogfights. It’s a bit artificial but it’d definitely help to reduce the “death” randomness that often feels unfair. That, plus some more improvements to the HUD. I’m currently tinkering with the idea of making the target indicator arrows blink when a ship is firing at you.


Allright @Sab1e I want to come back on that quickly, as I’ve been investigating but could not find a bug. When you say it 'stayed open", do you mean that it never faded off ( / stayed alive forever ) ?

Because otherwise, the fact that battle popups appear on top of the tab menu isn’t a bug and is working properly. Of course it raises the question of whether it should appear in the tab menu at all in the first place. The problem is that battle notifications ( like when a battle started, or when a battle was won or lost ) is quite important in terms of match progression, so if we don’t display this popup on the tab menus, I’m not quite sure how the same information can be notified to the player.

Or maybe a similar, but smaller ( 1 line only ) popup should appear, maybe on top of the team score ?

Thanks for clarifying. Yes, it did still fade as normal. I feel that if I have opened the “Missions” tab, the notification should be part of that menu, not displayed over the top of it.

I think I’m trying to say, being able to see the notification AND the Missions menu was a bit redundant, even though it was only for a few seconds.

It’s just polish really, nothing major.

You can delay the popup until the player exits the tab menu.

Hmm good point Argo, that might work for now. I just hope nobody stays too long on the menu ( or what happens if in the future we add RTS / assigning orders to bots etc… so some players could stay many minutes on it… ).

Edit: implemented it, and it works quite well. I stop the rendering in menus, but the updates keep going on… at a 10% speed. So if you don’t take too long, and get back into the game, the popup will still be there. If you stay forever in the menus, the popups will have faded away ( although 10 times slower than normally ). Also, while on menus, you still get the popup notification sound, so you know something has happened.