0.6.5.X Feedback Thread


Some controversial changes in these patches. No time to write up feedback myself right now but others should.

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Warp exit speed being the same as the enter speed feels like a mostly negative change, especially for interceptors.

In an interceptor, you’ll usually exit warp next to a small ship you want to attack, a friendly corvette, or a hangar bay. In all cases you need to exit warp at a relatively slow speed to stay close to your target. With the current warp model, if you entered warp too fast, you need to spend time and usually a lot of energy to slow down. If your target was an enemy ship, that means less energy for blasters and maneuvers.

The way I’ve been dealing with this is slowing down before entering warp, but it feels like an unnecessary slowing down of the gameplay’s pace. It’s also not always possible, for example, if you’re running away from player interceptors (it doesn’t make escaping harder, just more makes it annoying to get back in the fight, or to exit warp next to a corvette or hangar bay to get repairs).

There’s one case where it can be useful, chasing down enemy players in small ships, so it would be nice to have a (radial menu?) option to choose between exiting warp at entry speed or at the fixed, minimum warp speed like before this change.

  • Direct mode and Capital Ship mode should be merged. Capital Ship Forward/Backward Axis doesn’t work in Capital Ship mode. The gunsight doesn’t track head movement in Direct mode for capital ships. Please change.
  • Starmap still uses Forward/Backward Axis to move up and down. I have this axis mapped to my Throttle which is problematic. There should be dedicated Map axis binds.
  • It is a pain that typing in a chat channel restricts you from seeing other channels unless you hit All channels again.
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